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After Chanel witnesses a murder, she and her sexy neighbor flee the city with the killer in hot pursuit.

Ryan’s Temptation, book 2.5 in the Arresting Onyx series, is now available in the Into The Fire anthology.

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A Hero's Heart

What I love to read and write…

My go-to books for a relaxing evening are basically anything. (I’m not a picky reader as long as the editing is excellent.) My favorites include contemporary, suspense, historical, and paranormal/time travel books (all under the romance umbrella). I write in those sub-genres, too, but lately I’ve been focusing on small-town contemporary romances and urban romantic-suspense.

If you like to read sweet, clean books, I’ve got a few of those.

But if you prefer books that are so spicy you’ll need a cold shower afterward, that’s what I specialize in!

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