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Awesome! I love featuring ROMANCE authors, and I’m willing to share your…

  • Cover Reveals
  • New Releases
  • Blog Tours
  • Author and/or Character Interviews
    • If you need my questions, download the file below. If the download doesn’t work for whatever reason, shoot me an email, and I’ll send you the file. Or you could use your own questions.
  • Guest Posts
    • Your Top 5 (or 10) favorite book list (or some other fun subject–you pick!)
      • You could even let your character take over and give his/her list.
    • An article about something book, writing, publishing, or romance related.
    • Feel free to write about a holiday, as long as your post will go live near that holiday and you find some way to twist it back to the book you’re promoting.
    • Try to keep the post under 750 words. I’m not a stickler, though, if you go a little over.
  • Got an idea? Let me know.

Please send your book cover, media kit, author photo, book teaser graphics (optional), book trailer (optional), and your guest post or Q&A (if you’re doing one) to me at least one week before your post date.

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