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Authors in Alphabetical Order



Abbott, Alexis

Alexander, Randi

Alleman, Normandie

Alvarez, Tracey

Andrews, Vivi

Serengeti Shifters series

Anderson, Evangeline 

Brides of the Kindred series

Austen, Jane

Ash, Alison Jean


Bangs, Nina

Castle of Dark Dreams series

Baird Jones, Pauline

Barr, Marilyn

Barron, Lynne

Becker, C

Euphoria series

Bell, Christine 

Blake, Selena

Stormy Weather series

Bond Collins, Margo

Brisbin, Terri

Bristol, Sidney

Burnz, Arial

Bonded By Blood series


Cade, Cathryn

Hawaiian Heroes series

Cahill, Lily

Callahan, Skye 

Callihan, Kristen

Darkest London series

Cameron, Collette

Carr, Mari

Carroll-Bradd, Linda

Casigh, Mark 

Castle, Jayne

Harmony series

— Related to the Arcane Society series (contemporary books in the series are under Jayne Ann Krentz/historical books are under Amanda Quick) —

Dreamlight trilogy

Looking Glass trilogy

Chambers, Jennifer

Chambers, Peggy

Deerbourne Inn series

Chase, Deanna 

Clark, CB

Cole, Braxton

Collins, Lashell

Jagged Ivory series

Conall, Tabitha

Worlds Colliding series

Conn, Claudy

Conner, Jennifer 

Conner Miles, Marilyn

Cox, Kenzie 

Culiner, J. Arlene

Crimson, Kat

Cross, Dylan 


Danann, Victoria

Knights of the Black Swan series

New Scotia Pack series

Davis, Vonnie

Day, Jolie

Day, Vella

Hidden Hills Shifters series

Dean, Cassandra

Devlin, Bliss

Children of Lilith series

Dionne, Aubrie 

Dodd, Christina 

Fortune Hunter series

Lost Princesses series

Well Pleasured series

Dohner, Laurann

Donovan, Jessie 

Doran, Kat Henry


Edwards, Barbara

Deerbourne Inn series

Ellis, Madelynne

Ellrod, Rick

Embers, Lacy


Fall, Carly

Feehan, Christine

Dark/Carpathian series

Single Titles

Fenske, Tawna

Ponderosa Resort series

Fletcher, Stanalei

Northstar Security series

Folsom, Tina

Venice Vampyr series

Scanguards series

Ford, Angela 

Fossen, Delores

Foster, Jenny

Fox, Addison

Fulton, Selena

Furlong, Susan Leigh


Ganiere, Rebekah

Heaven and Hell series

Gaston, Diane

George, Renee 

Ghani, Samna

Grant, Jean M.

Deerbourne Inn series

A Hundred Kisses series

Gray, Gabbi

Grey, Sofia

Grosso, Kym

Guida, M.L.

Magic, New Mexico series


Harris, Kristal Dawn

Hart, Chloe 

Harte, Marie

Cougar Falls series

Satry’s Myst series

Talson Temptation series

Single Titles

Heaton, Felicity

Vampire Erotic Theatre series

Single Titles

Henry, Jane and Maisy Archer

Boston Doms series

Hill, Ashley 

Hockett, Kathryn

Holt, Samantha

Cynfell Brothers series

Christmas Standalone

Howland, Kathleen

Hughes, Tamara


Inglee-Richards, Elizabeth


Jacobs, Ann

Jade, Elsa

Jaeger, Peggy

Will Cook for Love series

Deerbourne Inn series

James, Addison

James, Elle

Devil’s Shroud

Janet, Rebecca

Julian, Stephanie

Lucani Lovers series


Kauffman, Carol Ann

Kavanagh, Julie

Kaye, Laura

Hearts of Anemoi series

Kay, Sharon 

The Solsti Prophecy series

Watcher’s Kiss series

Kearney, Susan

Heroes Inc.

Kenner, Julie

King, Lori

The Grey Wolf Pack series

Kleve, Sharon

Knight, Angela

Warlord/Time Hunters

Single Titles

Krentz, Jayne Ann

Arcane Society series (contemporary books) (historical books in the series are under Amanda Quick/futuristic books are under Jayne Castle)

Dreamlight trilogy

Looking Glass trilogy

Krinard, Susan

Roaring Twenties series

Kulig, Kathy 


LaBelle, Jennifer

Lane, Natasha

Lenox, Kim

Shadow Guard series

London, Lisa

Love, Crystal-Rain

Moonlit series

Lowe, Anna

Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series

Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire series

Shifters in Vegas series

Lush, Tamara

Lyon, Jennifer

Wing Slayer Hunters series


MacKay, Cali

Highland Heart

Mallory, Malia 

Marilla, Jackie

Marlowe, Mia

Martin, Kat

The Raines of Wind Canyon series

Marton, Dana

Broslin Creek

Mavis-Raine, Carroll

Maxwell, Gina L.

McLean, Casi

McMaster, Bec

London Steampunk

Miles, Tamela

Miller, Kara Leigh and Jody Holford

Montgomery, JJ

Moore, Judy 

Christmas Interrupted series

Moran, Kelly

Morgan, Mary

Order of the Dragon Knights series

Morgan, Teresa

Munro, Shelley


Nemer, Ashley

Night, Starla

Nuest, AJ

A Likely Story series


O’Shay, Charlotte

O’Sullivan, Katie

Overbeck, Randy

A Haunted Shores Mystery series


Paige, Rochelle

Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean

Pinder, Victoria

Piscitello, Jill

Phillips, Stella Jayne


Quick, Amanda 

Arcane Society series (historical books) (contemporary books in the series are under Jayne Ann Krentz/futuristic books are under Jayne Castle)

Dreamlight trilogy

Looking Glass trilogy


Rain, Angelina 

Raines, KA

Rawlins, Debbi

Rayne, Cynthia 

The Four Horseman MC

Redd, Rosalie

The Warriors of Lemuria

Reyes, Elizabeth

Rhondeau, Chantel 

McCallister’s Paradise series

Rice, Anne 

The Vampire Chronicles 

Richard, RW

Richards, Tory 

Riley, Jillian

Roberts, Victoria

Rochon, Farrah

Roller, Pam

Rollins, Emme

Rose, Renee

Rowe, Julie


Savage, Vivienne

Scarborough, Kathryn

Scarbrough, Jan 

Scarlett, Belle

Scott, JS

Scott, Tarah 

Shayne, Maggie

Single Titles

Showalter, Gena

Lords of the Underworld series

Sinclair, Cherise

Shadowlands series

Mountain Masters and Dark Haven series

Slayer, Megan

Smid, Madelon

Sisters in Peril series

Smith, Lauren

Solomon, Kamery

Spear, Terry

Heart of the Wolf series

Spudich, Giulietta

Stacks, JW

Stetler, Tena

Stewart, KC

Stewart, Lexie

Stone, D.V. 

Impact series

Single Titles

Strassel, Kristen 

Stratton, Nathan

Strickland, Laura


Tate, Sennah

Tate, Tammy 

The Spirit Path series

Tuhart, Marie


Vaughn, V


Ward, Amanda

Ward, J.R.

Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Ward, Vivian

Weaver, Robin

Webb-De Sisto, Marion

West, Zara

The Skin Quartet

Whyte, E.R.

Wilder, Carina 

Winters, Danica

Mystery Christmas series

Winters, Pepper 

Winters, Sabine

Wirth, JR

Wolf, Kelly

Woods, Alisa

Shifters in Seattle series

Workman, RaShelle

Wright, Bradley W.

The Justin Vincent series

Wright, Laura

Wicked Ink Chronicles series


Zanders, Abbie

Sanctuary series

Zane, Serena 

Zwissler, Danielle Lee