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#BookReview: “The Witch’s Oath” by Tiffany Ann

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Two souls drawn together, yet cursed to be parted.
Kenzie Wardwell knows she’ll never get a happily ever after. Her family, all witches of light, have been cursed for generations. No Wardwell woman can truly join with her soulmate until a Wardwell and a Turner fully open their souls to one another.
So when she must make a sacrifice to save the life of her dearest friend, she doesn’t hesitate to offer up her sexual desire. Why should she even want to be attracted to men who will just leave her?
So while Kenzie manages her busy bar, she’s certainly not looking for love. Especially not from the rude patron giving her annoying nicknames.
Colby Parrish isn’t looking for true love either. He’s focused on his bachelor life. With all the traveling he does for work, that’s what’s best. Right?
But when he and his work buddies stop at The Witch’s Brew for some beers, he’s captivated by the enigmatic bartender and her beautiful singing voice in a way he’s never been by any woman. Try as he might, he can’t get her out of his head.
Colby finds himself drawn back to the bar again and again, and Colby—annoying nicknames and all—starts to worm his way into Kenzie’s heart. Even while more threats abound. A shadow witch is on the prowl, leaving dead bodies in her wake. And Kenzie is tasked with stopping her. She needs Colby now more than ever.
But how can Kenzie allow herself to fall for someone who will only leave—someone she can’t desire in the way he desires her?


In book one of the Wardwell Witches series, bar owner and witch Kenzie Wardwell believes her family curse will never be broken, so she willingly sacrifices her ability to experience sexual desire to cast an important spell. She later meets the man of her dreams and knows she’ll never have him.

Steel worker Colby Parrish knows right away that the pretty bartender is something special. Kenzie’s life is a mess, though, and he soon gets mixed up in a slew of magic, estranged family members, and an evil witch who wants both Colby and Kenzie dead.

What a great story! I’m not much for age gap romances (older man/younger woman), but twelve years wasn’t that big a deal for me since he wasn’t old enough to be her father. Colby fell head over heels for Kenzie much faster than she did for him, but I understood and sympathized with her reluctance to get close. He was a true romantic at heart, and I loved that about him.

The next book in the series is set up and will feature Kenzie’s long-lost sister, Leigh, and Colby’s best friend, Bryce. I liked Bryce a lot and would love to find out what Leigh is hiding.

For readers of paranormal romances, give The Witch’s Oath a try. It was a great way to spend the evening.

4 Stars

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