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To right a wrong, two souls are brought together only to shatter when they are torn apart by the deeds of an evil druid.

Dragon Knight, Stephen MacKay’s powers are altered after the death of his sister. Now he is plagued with visions that threaten to destroy his soul. When Aileen Kerrigan falls through a time tunnel, he vows to keep her safe, despite the fact the beautiful but head-strong half-blooded fae could be the death of him.

When Aileen finds out her dad is a Fenian Warrior, she flees to a nearby ruin. Armed with the medallion her mother gave her, and a matching one belonging to a long dead knight, she is flung into the past and finds a handsome but surly warrior who is on a quest. Now it seems her future could be entwined with his, if she doesn’t kill him first.


In book two of the Order of the Dragon Knights, Aileen Kerrigan is helping her estranged father excavate the ruins of a Scottish abbey. While at her father’s estate, she sees a 13th century tapestry that depicts four brothers and their sister, and one of the brothers—Stephen—fascinates her. Then she reads Stephen’s personal journal and later finds his medallion in a cave along the beach. Little did she expect to find a time portal in the ruins.

Stephen Mackay has sought shelter at an abbey in order to shun his magic and fae heritage. Though he finds comfort in the new religion of the one god, he cannot truly break from the Celtic ways. Then Christian clergymen arrive in the village to cleanse the area of so-called heathens. As Stephen and a few druids help the people escape, he runs across a beautiful and disoriented fae woman in need of rescue.

Aileen and Stephen have an instant, sizzling connection. The sex scenes were super hot. Though they argued quite a bit at the beginning of their relationship, it was understandable. He feels duty-bound to protect her, which is just another weight on his already heavy shoulders, and she is in shock of learning about who she really is.

For every series I read, it’s always the extended cast of secondary characters that draws me further into the story. Duncan, Brigid, Cathal, the kids Nell and Finn, and the MacFhearguis brothers Patrick and Alex return from book one. It was great seeing them again. Wonderful new characters like Ian, Betha, and Osgar were introduced. I’m more than eager for the bad guys Lachlan and Michael to get what they deserve. I’m also dying to know what will happen to Liam.

I love that story jumps from the past to the future and back again until Aileen and Stephen finally meet. The narrative flowed well and kept my attention, but I did have to reread a few times because I couldn’t figure out from whose perspective I was reading from (the story is told in multiple characters’ POV).

Anyway, Dragon Knight’s Medallion is an entertaining time travel novel for any fantasy and paranormal romance reader to enjoy. Give it a try!

4 Stars

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your lovely review of Dragon Knight’s Medallion. Thrilled you enjoyed Stephen and Aileen’s story!

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