#BookReview: “Fatal Witness” by Michelle Godard Richer


Jessica opens her bedroom window in the middle of the night to catch a breeze, but instead, she witnesses something that will change the course of her life forever—her neighbor, David, loading his wife’s body onto the back of his truck. She soon learns David knows what she saw and will stop at nothing to eliminate the only witness to his crime.

With her young son Bryce in tow, Jessica flees across the border to Montana. She discovers her first love, Jon Kent, is back in town after an early retirement from the FBI. But he isn’t the only one in town. David surfaces to unleash hell on Jessica and everyone she loves.


In book two of the Fatal series, Jessica Miller’s life spirals out of control after she witnesses her neighbor, David, stuff a dead body in his truck. Now, David wants her silenced. She flees with her young son in tow and goes home to Montana. There she gets help from a retired FBI agent, who happens to be her ex.

Jon Kent is haunted by the disappearance and presumed death of his beloved wife, but he’s getting his life back together. When Jessica shows up, he jumps at the chance to help her and maybe even rekindle the love he’s always felt for her. David, however, is a more intelligent and demented adversary than he realized, and keeping Jessica and her son safe won’t be easy.

I really enjoyed this story. It’s more of a thriller/suspense book than a romance, which was a refreshing change of pace. I liked that how the story is told in multiple POVs, and I’m always relieved when this is done with proper scene breaks and no head-hopping.

Even though the main plot was concluded, David’s storyline ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and there were a few unresolved questions regarding Jon’s wife. I got the feeling, however, that this was the segue point to the next book, which I’m more than happy to read.

Ms. Godard Richer wove a fast-paced thriller with strong, flawed characters, so add Fatal Witness to your TBR list.

4.5 Stars

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