#BookReview: “Everleigh’s Game” by Kara O’Neal


Houston, Texas, 1899

Everleigh Camden has upset her mother. She has chosen a profession over marriage. But Everleigh intends to get hitched someday. She just wants some experiences before she settles down, which includes being the secretary to an attorney, and using her winnings from nightly poker games to form the anonymous, charitable persona, “Bets Gamble”.

However, when a new partner joins the law office, he brings his unwelcome ideas and shocking orders to help him catch the Shooter Creek Bandits.

Wade Bennett, sour on marriage and orderly to a fault, moves to Houston with the intent of catching the gang who murdered his brother. Everleigh Camden’s investigative abilities are exactly what he needs to help his quest. He does not need, however, to contend with the alarming attraction he feels toward her. Nor does he have time to refine the sass and vinegar she frequently exudes.

Everleigh’s charms soothe the rips in Wade’s heart, and as they conduct their search, it becomes impossible to ignore his feelings. But villains abduct Everleigh and force her into the game of her life, possibly causing Wade to lose everything he holds dear.


In book six of the Gamblers and Gunslingers series, Everleigh Camden works as a secretary at a Houston law firm by day and secretly gambles in high-stake poker games at night. Unlike the other women of her acquaintance, she doesn’t wish to marry anytime soon, so she’s more than a little put out when she develops feelings for the stuffy new partner at the firm.

Wade Bennett is on a mission and enlists Everleigh to help him find the gang of outlaws who killed his brother. Her phenomenal investigative skills is just what he needs, but the attraction he feels for her is the last thing he wants. When the outlaws threaten her, he soon learns how resilient of a woman she is.

What a great story! Everleigh and Wade have amazing chemistry. Their banter was fun and sharp. She kept him on his toes, and he was a strong enough man to accept and admire her strength. The best thing of all—they were both virgins. The one sex scene at the end was thoroughly romantic and tender.

I haven’t read a historical western in a long time, and this one didn’t disappoint. Ms. O’Neal expertly wove slow-burn romance with the compelling mystery and suspense of catching a murdering band of outlaws. What could be more fun than that? Her writing style was fast and crisp, and I’d love to read more of her work.

Highly recommended.

5 Stars

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