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#BookReview – “Ultimate Warriors” anthology by Jaide Fox, Brenna Lyons, Joy Nash, and Michelle M. Pillow

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Discover worlds where superheroes roam … where good triumphs over evil … and love truly does conquer all….

Demon Huntress: Sacrificed by Jaide Fox (Futuristic Romance): For years Nari has struggled with the knowledge that there is something different about her, and as her nightmares increase, leaving physical proof on her body, she realizes there is more to the mystery of her birth. But is she too late?

With Great Power by Brenna Lyons (Fantasy Romance): A lifetime of service or death. No choices. No exceptions. No escape.

Heroes Incorporated by Joy Nash (Paranormal Romance): Supergeek Clark Kendall needs geek-hater Blossom Breeze to help him save the day. He’s got three days to trigger the cascade of sex hormones that will activate her superpowers. Can he do it?

Silk by Michelle M. Pillow (Futuristic Romance): Can one man give back the life taken from her so long ago?


In “Demon Huntress: Sacrificed” by Jaide Fox, Nari goes to see a sleep therapist for help against her highly sexual yet terrifying dreams. She thinks she’s going crazy—not willing to believe a demon really is hunting her—and she’s grateful for Dr. Savage. He’s determined to help her by any means necessary, but he’s more than what he seems.

I enjoyed Ms. Fox’s voice and liked the heroine Nari, but I didn’t get to know Savage/Xalen at all since the story is told only in Nari’s POV. There’s very little back-story/world building surrounding the demons. The story concludes with a cliffhanger but at least there’s a HFN ending.

3 Stars

In “With Great Power” by Brenna Lyons, eight-year-old Julien is forced to go to a special academy to learn how to control and use his superpowers. He now goes by Soulchaser and has spent the last twelve years working for the Calente. His latest mission brings him in contact with Angel, a beautiful Grellan (someone who have powers but refuse to serve the Calente), and he soon realizes the Grellans aren’t actually the bad guys.

The story is mostly told in Julien’s POV, but we get to slip into Angel’s head now and then. I couldn’t really connect with either character, especially since I lost all respect for Julien when he cheated on Angel (through his mental powers) with another woman in order to escape his pursuers.

2 Stars

In “Heroes Incorporated” by Joy Nash, Clark Kendall is a psychic superhero, but he’s also a little scrawny and thinks he doesn’t compare to the tall, broad, beefy superheroes he works with at Heroes Incorporated. After his boss reveals to the superhero team that Lex Loser is planning to decimate the earth’s population in a matter of days, Clark goes on assignment to convince Blossom to help him save the world.

Blossom Breeze thinks she’s just an average, intelligent woman, but she’s obsessed with hulky, muscled men and everything to do with Superman, her favorite fictional character. Then she meets Clark. He’s nice and sweet but not what she wants physically. She soon learns, however, that looks aren’t all that important, and she’s more than just your mild-mannered tech specialist.

Clark and Blossom are wonderful characters. They’re both geeky and down-to-earth, and though she’s hung up on looks, she’s a good person and gives Clark a chance.

Ms. Nash’s voice is fun and snappy, and I definitely plan to look for more of her books.

This is my favorite story in the anthology. I’m a fan of superheroes and comic books (thanks to my hubby), so I chuckled over the countless DC and Marvel references, as well as the Star Trek references.

4 Stars

In “Silk” by Michelle M. Pillow, Quinlan St. James is a reclusive billionaire and lives her life in a mask and cape, helping people in need. In honor of her late father’s genetics work, she hosts a party to celebrate, but she’s hiding a secret: her scientist father had injected Quinlan with a special serum that gave her the ability to change her body into silk strands.

Nikandros Grant and his cohorts, the Protectors, are worried Quinlan plans to sell her father’s notes to the highest bidder. Determined to stop her, Nikandros intends to seduce her and get the notes but soon falls under the beautiful woman’s spell.

I couldn’t connect with the H/h, but I liked the futuristic world in which the story takes place. The robots and pleasure droids were especially fun. Other than a few typos and head hopping, the writing is tight and descriptive.

3 Stars

Book Overall – 3 Stars

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