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#BookReview – “Foxy Lady” by Marie Harte

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There’s more than one way to outsmart a fox…

Trust Julia Easton to screw up Sheriff Ty Roderick’s March Madness plans. The pixie-faced vixen might be the picture of feminine perfection, but she tests his innate sense of order to its limits. Weeks ago, he let his conscience turn down a proposition his body still burns to accept—then she vanished. Now he’s in the middle of Nowhere, Washington, racing to rescue her from danger.

There’s risk in leaving Cougar Falls, but it’s the only way Julia can hope to save her sister from making the same mistake she almost made with Ty. Settling down and having kits is one thing, but it can’t be done with a human, especially one from a hunting family. Unfortunately, her sister isn’t budging, and the fiancé’s brother won’t take Julia’s no for an answer, either.

When Ty comes riding to their rescue, Julia plans to use him and lose him. No way is she throwing herself at that alpha jerk’s feet in gratitude. Then Ty gives her the answer her heart still longs for: he wants to spend the rest of his life making things right. Now if only she can find the courage to say yes.


In the third book in the Cougar Falls series, fox shifter Julia Easton is determined to convince her youngest sister, Meghan, that marrying a human, an outsider from a Hunter family, is a bad idea. Meghan, however, loves Jason, but his brothers and father are dead set on making trouble for the Easton women.

Sheriff Ty Roderick has longed for Julia for years, and he drops everything to rescue her when he learns she’s in trouble. To deter Jason’s cruel, obstinate brother who wants Julia for his own, Ty plays the part of Julia’s boyfriend and soon makes a ton of enemies.

Julia is a very stubborn, overly protective woman. She loves her sisters dearly, but she’s so tired of never feeling good enough and having to hide a family secret. Ty is protective over Julia and more than understanding to her needs. They fit really well together.

The best parts, for me, were the action scenes with the Hunters and Shifters going at each other. I really enjoyed the emotional conflict between Julia and Ty. Though there were some secrets and misconceptions at first, the H/h didn’t hold much back and got to the point quickly, even when they argued. The open communication was a breath of fresh air, something that’s not very common in romance books, unfortunately.

I definitely enjoyed this story.

4 Stars

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