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#BookReview: “Sleepless in Saunton” by Nina Jarrett

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An insomniac debutante and a widowed architect befriend each other in the middle of the night. Will little Tanya finally get the new mother she longs for before this country house party ends?

She cannot sleep …
Jane Davis went to London with her sister for a Season full of hope and excitement. Now her sister is married and Jane wanders the halls alone in the middle of the night. Disappointed with the gentlemen she has met, she misses her family and is desperate for a full night’s sleep. Until late one evening, she meets a sweet young girl who asks if Jane will be her new mother.

He misses his wife …
It has been two years since Bradley Thompson’s beloved passed away. Now the Earl of Saunton has claimed him as a brother and, for the sake of his young daughter, Bradley has acknowledged their relationship. But loneliness keeps him up at night until he encounters a young woman who might make his dead heart beat again. Honor demands he walk away rather than ruin the young lady’s reputation. Associating with a by-blow like him will prevent her from making a good match, but his little girl refuses to let the matter go. Will these three lonely souls take a chance on love and reconnect with the world together?


In book four of the Inconvenient Brides series, Miss Jane Davis longs to start a family of her own. As a distant relation to the wealthy Earl of Saunton, she’s receiving a London season from him but has yet to find any man she can connect with. Then she meets a charming older man and his adorable nine-year-old daughter.

Barclay Thompson has recently learned the earl is his half-brother and joins him for a house party in the country, where he meets Jane. Although he’s mourning the death of his wife and has no wish to remarry, he’s fascinated with Jane and also horrified by his desire for her. As they get to know one another with his daughter, Tatiana, as matchmaker, he soon learns that true love can and will strike twice.

I’m on the fence. Even though I enjoyed Jane and Barclay as individual characters, I didn’t feel like romance should’ve bloomed between them. He was 32, and she was 18. While it was appropriate for grown men to marry teenage girls at that time, their budding romance and the steamy scenes made me uncomfortable. The 14-year age gap was just too much for me to overlook.

As this series continues, more and more characters are introduced to create a full world of drama, angst, happy couples, and loving families. I adore that aspect of the series. I actually started this series with book five, Caroline Saves the Blacksmith, and enjoyed it so much that I went back to the beginning to read from there.

For readers who enjoy Regency romances, match-making kids, and can overlook age gaps, you’ll surely like Sleepless in Saunton.

3 Stars

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