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#BookReview – “Nursing His Desire” by Lacy Embers

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As a nurse, my patients come first.
This crazy old lady included.
I’m the only one who can take care of her.
It doesn’t hurt that her son is gorgeous.
I want to give myself to him, if only his ex was out of the way.
He offers me money, a job in the house with him.
I don’t trust myself to take it, but I’m too drawn to him to say no.

I’ve got a real estate empire.
And swimsuit model girlfriend to go with it.
I take care of everyone in my family.
My crazy old mother included.
Her nurse makes my head spin and my pants tight.
Inviting her to work in my home is trouble.
But I love trouble.


Nurse Jenna Simpson enjoys her job taking care of the elderly, but her patients often drive her a little crazy. Especially Georgia Oliver. The eccentric, wacky old woman is stubborn and demanding, but adores Jenna and only listens to her, never to the other nurses and orderlies in the hospital. Jenna adores Georgia just as much, so when Georgia’s handsome, rich son decides to take his mother home, Jenna is heartbroken. That is, until she takes a job as Georgia’s full-time healthcare provider.

Reginald Oliver has his hands full. From running a multi-million real estate company to dealing with his bawdy, outspoken mother, his irresponsible brother, and his snobby, two-timing girlfriend, the one bright light in his life is Jenna, his mother’s nurse. She’s different from every woman he’s ever met, and she helps him loosen up.

Reggie and Jenna are great characters. They’re both career driven, but they care about the people in their lives. Though they knew and secretly liked one another before the start of the book, their friendship and romance built over time.

Georgia was the best part of the book. That crazy old lady was hilarious!

The story could use a light edit, but I like Ms. Embers’ writing style and will check out more of her books.

4 Stars

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