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#BookReview – “True Alpha Christmas” by Alisa Woods

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When sexy alpha Lucas rescued Mia and claimed her for his mate, that magic bound them for life—but there’s still no ring on her finger. When Mia’s shifter-hating mother meets her wolfishly-hot investor “boyfriend,” Mia’s one Christmas wish is to keep the holidays from going to hell.


Even though this book has been retitled as “A Christmas Wish” in the Dot Com Wolves series, my review is for an earlier edition when it was titled “True Alpha Christmas” in the Shifters in Seattle series.

Wolf couple Lucas Sparks and Mia Fiore are happily mated and still working as boss and intern, respectively, at SparkTech. Though all the wolf shifters they work with know they’re a couple, Lucas and Mia are hiding their relationship from their human clients, which is really starting to grate on Mia’s nerves. She wants Lucas to properly marry her in the way of humans, but he doesn’t seem interested in doing so. On top of that, Mia’s mother despises Lucas and shifters altogether, and she doesn’t even know her own daughter is one. When the truth comes out, Mia fears her happy life will never be the same.

This is a cute novella and a good conclusion for Mia and Lucas’s HEA, but I’m not sure why it’s not tacked on at the end of their official book. It answers a few questions that were left hanging at the end of book 1, so that was nice. Though I thought Mia was pretty irresponsible by not giving either her mom or Lucas a heads up about what to expect when first meeting each other, the ending was still very sweet and romantic.

As for the secondary characters that played big roles in book 1, Lev falls in love, which was super awesome. Colin is going through a rough patch, but maybe Jupiter is just the woman he needs. Unfortunately, Colin and Jupiter’s relationship wasn’t elaborated on or made official.

Anyway, I enjoyed the book but recommend reading book 1, True Alpha, first to better understand it.

4 Stars

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