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#BookReview – “Love Without Reservations” by Gabbi Grey

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I’ve tracked down my wayward sister to Cataluma, California, and my goal is to drag her back to Canada before she gets in trouble with the American authorities. The problem? She’s gone and fallen in love with some dude and refuses to come home. I need to stick around to talk some sense into her, but there’s only one damned inn in this podunk town and they insist they’re full. I can’t get the handsome innkeeper to make an exception, not even for the few days I’ll need to get Kendra safely headed back across the border.


I love my job as the owner of the quaint Cataluma Inn. I also pride myself in being a peacemaker. When I find squawking siblings arguing about a good friend of mine at our traditional barbecue, I have to step in. Next thing I know, I’m offering to share my one-bedroom apartment with a very attractive Canadian. Oh, and he’s gay too…

Love Without Reservations is the sixth story in the Shopping for Love in Cataluma series. The book is a 40k word small-town gay interracial romance novella with a grumpy Canadian entrepreneur, a sunshine American motorcycle rider, and they love they never saw coming.


Noel Barker drives from Vancouver to the little town of Cataluma, California to save his irresponsible sister, Kendra, from making a huge mistake. She claims she’s in love with a man she just met, and she’s refusing to return home. While Noel tries to convince Kendra to smarten up, an attractive man intervenes and calms Noel down.

Aaron owns the local inn and has a way with people. Everyone loves him, and he’s good to the community. There’s an instant attraction with Noel, and he can’t stop himself from helping the squabbling siblings find even ground.

I enjoyed this story. It was a fast read and flowed well. The descriptions of the California scenery was great.

Noel and Aaron were strong characters with flaws and baggage that made them relatable. Noel’s protectiveness over his sister was a little tiresome at times, but I sympathized with him and, in fact, agreed with him. Kendra and her boyfriend, Javier, were rushing into their relationship, so of course, Noel had reason to freak out.

This fun, heartwarming, and steamy MM romance was a great way to pass the afternoon.

4.5 Stars

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