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#BookReview – “Two to Spark” by Marie Harte

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It only takes a spark to flame

A prank in high school turned Josie Young into persona non grata with the Talbot quadruplets. Cooper Talbot, the one boy she had a huge crush on, was the accidental victim of her joke. Years later, when Cooper’s brother pulls her over for speeding, she realizes the Talbots have yet to forgive her. This wouldn’t be a problem if she could stop imagining Cooper as her dream man. None of her other dates ever measured up to who she wanted them to be. Sadly, her birthday rolls around. Another year, another dateless night, rinse and repeat.

Firefighter Cooper Talbot doesn’t believe in fate or coincidence. But when he trips into Josie Young, of all people, and over a black cat, he’s having second thoughts. Then there’s another fire he’s got to put out when the sparks between him and Josie flare to life. A sure sign he’s losing it, because Cooper’s not ready for commitment. But he can’t help feeling something more for sweet, sexy Josie. The signs all point to her being The One, but Cooper wants to make his own destiny. When he makes a mistake that might end them before they truly begin, he can only hope fate—and Josie—will give him another chance.


Schoolteacher Josie Young doesn’t have big plans for her birthday, but when her best friend and roommate hires a psychic to give Josie a reading, things start looking a little brighter. After all, the psychic Hannah tells Josie that she’s about to meet the man of her dreams. Then she runs into Cooper, the guy she crushed on in high school, and winds up in ER.

Firefighter Cooper Talbot is the youngest of quadruplet brothers. He loves his older sister even though she claims to be psychic, but she’s driving him crazy. Hannah thinks he’ll soon meet his destiny, the woman he can’t live without, but three things must happen before he realizes she’s the one. Then he meets Josie again after several years. They used to not get along, but the connection between them as adults is instant. Too bad trust doesn’t come easy to Cooper, and he might just ruin everything with his temper.

Good story! Both the H/h are likeable characters. Josie is shy but wild when you get to know her. Cooper needs someone who can stand up to him and not take any of his crap. They fit well together.

His brothers—Harrison, Jaden, and Ben—are great, as is his best friend Mike, and I’m curious about the blooming possible romance between Harrison and Sophie, Josie’s best friend, and between Mike and Hannah.

The story flowed with good pacing. There were a few typos but nothing major. The sex scenes are super hot, definitely an R-rating with that scorching masturbation scene. I loved it! Anyway, I’d definitely like to read more books by Ms. Harte.

4 Stars

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