#BookReview – “Blaze of Glory” by Blye Donovan


From fighting raging wildfires to battling the fire within, Braylin Whitney is about to ignite more than just sparks in this cocky hotshot’s heart.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Braylin knows how to hold her own. But when a daring rescue puts her in the path of hotshot firefighter Noah “Blaze” Layne, she may have met her match. After they’re forced to work together, Braylin is determined to stick to her rules, while Blaze is equally determined to make her break them.

Sparks fly between the two, but when an accident leaves them stranded and fighting for their lives, can Blaze convince Braylin to trust him? Will Braylin learn to let go of her rigidity? And when they must rely on each other, can they embrace the unexpected?


Hotshot firefighter Blaze Layne gets injured on the job with an out-of-control wildfire heading straight for him. If not for the helicopter pilot who rescues him, he’d be a goner.

Army veteran and aerial firefighter, Braylin Whitney is furious at the idiot who she had to save and gets even more upset when she’s tasked to work with him on a joint safety project between their two companies. Blaze’s constant flirting and goofing around while on the job is getting on her last nerve, but when a training exercise goes awry, they’ll have to lower their guards and work together to survive.

Even though I enjoyed this story, I had trouble connecting with the main characters, at least at first. Blaze’s fun, flirty innuendos sometimes bordered on harassment because she wasn’t open to receiving them, but despite Braylin’s outward animosity toward him, she still desired him. Once they were stranded together on the mountain, their tension shifted to mutual respect and kindness, and I began to like them. As their relationship developed, I rooted for them to find their happily ever after. After everything each of them had been through in their prior relationships, they deserved love and happiness.

I don’t read many firefighter stories, but I liked this one. Ms. Donovan did a great job in describing fires and how to fight them, aviation and protocols, all the equipment involved, etc. She really did her homework, and it showed. Kudos!

Reader, if you like sexy heroes who are too cocky for their own good and angry, stubborn heroines who don’t back down, then this high-adrenaline, steamy romance is for you.

4 Stars

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