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#BookReview – “Undeniable Lover” by Rosalie Redd


The first rule of warfare – don’t fall in love with your enemy.

Loyal to a fault, shape-shifting Lemurian warrior Saar will do anything for his king and sports a horrific scar across his face to prove it. Shunned by females of his own kind due to his gruesome features, he swore off intimate relationships long ago. When he rescues his sworn enemy from certain death, he must decide between his loyalty to his best friend or the female that has clawed her way into his heart.

Bear shape-shifter Kaelyn keeps males at arm’s length as those she loves tend to die. To complicate matters, she now works for the enemy she once despised. When she encounters the sexy male warrior she fought on the battlefield, she’s drawn to him for all the wrong reasons and must fight her desire for him if either is to survive.


In book four in the Warriors of Lemuria series, bear shifter Kaelyn is the new queen of the Ursus, her bear shifter Tribe, but she’s forced to obey Mauree, a vindictive woman who wants revenge against the Lemurian king. Then she meets Saar, her seductive enemy.

Stiyaha warrior Saar is honor bound to protect his king and people, but when it comes to Kaelyn, his heart is at battle with his duty.

The Ursus and Stiyaya are two of many alien species living on Earth, and they’re battling the Gossums for the right to Earth’s water. The Ursus once fought for the goddess, Alora, and were allies with the Stiyaya, but now they have been forced to change sides to fight alongside the Gossums for the cruel god Zedron.

I liked Saar a lot. He was sexy, stoic, determined, honorable, and tormented—a perfect hero. Yummy. Though I liked Kaelyn’s spunk and felt sorry for her, I couldn’t connect with her. Neither of them trusted each other at first, but she carried that mistrust for a long time.

I don’t get why Kaelyn and the other Ursus agreed to work with Mauree and the Gossums. I understand they literally felt compelled to obey Zedron, but their free will was still intact.

Mauree is a villain I love to hate. She’s so vindictive and arrogant. Same with Zedron. Both of them are horrible people and great villains, but I don’t understand why the good guys in each book keep letting Mauree live.

I’m having a hard time liking and understanding Alora. For the past two novels, she’s been emotional and jeopardizing her players in the war.

There’s one book left in the series, which I’ll be reading soon. I’ve been dying for Gaetan’s story, so I’m really looking forward to it.

3.5 Stars

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