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#BookReview – “Taken by the Incubus” by Bliss Devlin

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In this retelling of the Cupid and Psyche fairy tale, beautiful young widow Psyche is claimed by an incubus as his tribute and initiated into a world of dark pleasures and exotic sensuality. Resigned to a life of servitude, she never expects that her dominant demon lover Amor might commit the only act forbidden to the Children of Lilith: falling in love with a mortal!

What follows is an epic saga of romance, betrayal, friendship, and rebellion as Amor and Psyche fight for their right to live together as husband and wife in an ancient world of myth and magic.


The second book in the Children of Lilith series is one of my favorites.

The Children of Lilith is a race of mysterious beings—both cruel and benevolent—that has taken control of Psyche’s city. Each year, they demand tributes from the local youths.

After Psyche is chosen, she leaves her family and goes to the temple, not knowing what fate has in store for her. There she meets Amor, her new master.

Lord Amor wants nothing more than to love Psyche, his philtata—beloved companion—but strict customs and rules prevents him from revealing his true self to her. Forced to wear robes and a mask, he gives her pleasure but cannot give her himself. Until a fateful illness draws her into his arms.

OMG. This is an amazing book. I’ve been looking forward to reading it for so long. It ends on a cliffhanger with no HEA, but I knew that from the start and already have the next book in the series, which concludes Psyche and Amor’s story. These books are a twist on the Greek Psyche and Eros myth, which I’ve always found fascinating.

There is a lot of sex but no full intercourse until the end. It made sense for the narrative, and the union was both hot and sweet.

Psyche’s friends, Jadikira and Ancharia, are wonderful characters. They’re loyal and supportive friends to Psyche, and the story wouldn’t have been the same without them.

This story is told mostly in Psyche’s POV, and even though Jadikira is a supporting character, he got a lot of on-page time and even a chapter in his point of view. I would’ve liked to read from Amor’s POV, but I assume that didn’t happen because Ms. Devlin wishes to maintain the mysteriousness of the Children of Lilith.

Unfortunately, I read the contemporary books in this series before the historical ones, so I know more about the Children of Lilith and in particularly the H/h than most readers would after only reading this one. All I can say, for potential readers, is that if you love paranormal romance with an erotic twist, then give this series a try.

5 Stars

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