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#BookReview – “Promise in a Dream” by Stella Jayne Phillips


Andrea’s move to the close-knit and haunted town of Creekside, Arizona has its benefits. A reunion with her best friend, community to raise her unborn baby as a single mother, and a paranormal spirit that’s taken an interest in her life. Despite escaping the drama of the big city, she now finds herself facing another realm of issues.

An expert in short-lived romances, James thrives as the forever-eligible bachelor. The sudden lust for his sister’s friend has to be a fluke. Andrea’s having another man’s baby. She’s in his dreams at night, but he’s not father material.

Creekside’s benevolent spirits conjure glimpses into the future, but only the bravest of the living can seize the promise of love.


In book 2 of the Creekside Dreams series, Andrea has moved into her friend’s new hotel to start her life over and to give her unborn daughter a home. She’s always had a crush on friend’s big brother, James, but he still sees her as a little kid, despite the baby she’s carrying.

James is protective of Andrea and doesn’t understand why he suddenly finds her attractive. He wants to find love and settle down, but after not having a good role model for a father, he doesn’t know if he can be the type of husband and father Andrea and her baby needs.

I haven’t read the first book in the series, so I was lost at times with this one. Several characters are introduced in the opening chapters, and at first, I couldn’t keep track of them all. There are lots of interesting ghosts in the hotel, and I enjoyed the living characters’ interactions with them.

The POV switched between Andrea and James, as well as to Nikki and Alex (the heroine and hero from the previous book). It’s always nice to get the perspective from multiple characters, as long as it’s done with proper scene breaks and/or new chapters, which Ms. Phillips excelled at.

Overall, this is a heartwarming story about family, friends, forgiveness, and learning to love again.

4 Stars