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#BookReview – “Blue Ridge Fear” by Robin Weaver

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Can things get any worse? After an intimate relationship with her former boss sours, Sienna Sanders is slapped with a lawsuit for breach of contract. Broke and jobless, she moves in with her airhead cousin in a too-small mountain cabin–their joint inheritance. But things get worse when a hiking misstep leaves Sienna stranded. That is, until a hunky stranger comes to her rescue. A zing of attraction has her thinking he might be the one. But there’s a psycho stalking the area who’s already killed four women–women who look a lot like Sienna. Her stranger insists his name is Carson Addison, but Sienna discovers that isn’t true. Plus, her dreamboat protector, a.k.a. possible stalker, only materializes when she’s alone. Can she trust her heart and believe he’s not a killer? Or is she making herself an easy target for the monster lurking in the mountains? 


In order to receive their inheritance from their late uncle, Sienna Sanders and her estranged cousin Bethany must live in the same mountain cabin with each other for a full year. After Sienna twists her ankle in the woods, she waits alone while her cousin goes to find help. A mysterious man comes to her rescue, but when Bethany returns with two park rangers in tow, her rescuer disappears.

Carson Addison bought the house next door to Sienna’s to keep an eye on her. He only talks to her when she’s alone, and he even breaks into her home. Though he knows his actions are scaring her, he refuses to answer her questions and laughs off her accusations. He flirts with her to keep her unbalanced, and their mutual desire for each other draws the attention of a serial killer.

I couldn’t connect with either the H/h. Sienna lets her cousin walk all over her, and she kept making foolish, life-threatening mistakes. Carson has very little back-story, so the reader learns nothing about his life.

The story was mostly told in Sienna’s POV, but occasionally in Carson’s, the killer’s, and in Bethany’s. There were a few typos, repetition, and unanswered questions. I liked the mystery/suspense aspect, but the romance part was light, which I found disappointing.

3 Stars

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