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Maddie Thompson’s life just fell down a rabbit hole. Finding out she’s a dragon shifter was one thing–she never quite fit into the human world, and this new reality feels…strangely right. However, discovering the next step is to choose a mate, and if she chooses wrong she’ll die, is the other side of crazy. Especially when she already left a piece of her heart with someone who didn’t want it.

To say dragon enforcer Fallon Conleth was shocked when the Mating Council summoned him as a potential mate for a newly found dragon doesn’t quite cover it. A mate is rare and precious and many dragons never find theirs. Fallon isn’t sure he’s worthy of the honor, not when so many deserve it more. He’ll just go through the motions and return home alone…until he sees Maddie. The human woman he reluctantly let walk away.

Fallon already broke Maddie’s heart once, but if he can’t convince her that they’re meant to be, she’ll die… and he won’t be far behind.


In the first book in the Fire’s Edge series, dragon shifter Fallon Conleth has been called to France. There are several dragon clans—mostly comprised of single males and males with mates—so when a human woman is found bearing a dragon clan mark, she and a selected group of dragons from that clan must partake in the mating ritual. Turns out, Fallon already knows Maddie.

Arson investigator Madeline Thompson left Fallon a year earlier, never realizing he was the reason why she was inexplicably starting fires. Now that she knows she’s exhibiting dragon traits, she’s determined to find her place in the dragon world.

OMG. What an amazing story! Maddie and Fallon are strong, kickass characters with great chemistry. It’s obvious they’re fated mates, but confusion and lack of communication drove a wedge between them. Fallon pulled out all the stops in convincing Maddie that they were meant to be, and his dedication to seeing to her welfare and happiness was so sweet and romantic.

I’m eager to learn more about Fallon’s heartbroken brother Finn, the guys in his enforcer unit, and his friend Asher. At first, I was a little confused as to whether Ladon is a bad guy or a good, but I think he’s the latter. This novella is like a prequel to the other books in the series, which I’m definitely interested in reading.

Ms. Owen has a brisk, flowing writing style. There were a few minor typos, but I understand it’s difficult for an author and an editor to catch every little error. This is the first book I’ve read from Ms. Owen and certainly won’t be my last.

5 Stars

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