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Arresting Alan

If you love smokin’ hot romance, danger at every turn, and a happily ever after that will have you smiling, then grab a copy of Arresting Alan.

A hacker, a federal agent, and a crime boss. The time has come to fight.
Computer technician Alan Harding is no saint, but his squeaky-clean image is unshakable in the eyes of his family and especially his young son. After he agrees to assist a drug lord and hack into a criminal database, he’s faced with an impossible challenge—keeping his hands and heart away from his sexy as sin bodyguard, DEA Special Agent Hannah Adler.
Hannah would rather go hand-to-hand with an assailant than go undercover as Alan’s girlfriend, but she’s determined to keep him safe and his illegal activities on the down-low. The handsome man and his adorable child, however, are more than she bargained for.
Once their enemies learn the truth and retaliate, they’ll have to race against the clock to save Alan’s son and bring a dangerous empire to its knees.

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Alan got his son bathed, dressed in his pajamas, and ready for bed. “Sleep tight.” He tucked him in and then tried to pull back as Danny grabbed his arm.

“Are you going to marry Hannah?”

“I don’t know. I like her a lot, but things are complicated.” He settled on the edge of the mattress and rested his hand on Danny’s chest. For so long, he’d tried to give Danny so much love that he would never want for more, but the intensity of his son’s feelings for Hannah tore Alan apart. “I’m sorry, Daniel.”

“For what?”

“That your mom isn’t here. I would’ve done anything for you to grow up knowing what it was like to have a sweet, caring woman in your life. You deserve that.”

The boy shrugged and fidgeted with the hem of his checkered blanket. “I miss Mom. Uncle Benji sometimes tells me stories about her when she was my age, but I think it hurts him to talk about her.”

“I’m sure it does, but I can tell you stories too.”

“Really? But you’re so mad at her.”

He winced. “I used to be—still am at times—but you shouldn’t have to worry about that. I’m the adult, and I can talk about her without getting upset.” Too upset, he amended silently and racked his brain for something good to tell his son. “Your mom loved to crumble potato chips in her favorite ice cream—fudge ripple.”


“I know, right? It’s so gross, but she claimed there was something magical about how the saltiness of the chips mixed with the chocolate.” He grinned as Danny twisted his lips. “She loved thunderstorms. Sometimes we would laugh and walk in the rain and not care if we caught a cold. She was always ready for an adventure, but she was in a lot of pain.”

“She’s okay now, isn’t she?”

“I think so.” He gently grasped his son’s hand. “She saved Uncle Benji and Aunt Belle. She even saved your little cousin, Lindy. For that, I’m grateful to her.”

“Me too.” Danny yawned and snuggled deeper under the blanket.

“Sleep now. If you ever want to talk about her, I’m here.”

“Thanks, Dad.” He pulled the bedding close and fell asleep.

Alan smoothed down an upturned lock of his child’s damp hair. “I love you, Danny.” He kissed his forehead, turned off the light, and left the room.

Hannah waited outside the door.

Ah, hell. Heat burned his cheeks. “You heard all that?”

“Only the stuff about Meghan.”

He rubbed the tension from his neck. “Danny rarely asks about her, but I never would’ve guessed that was because he knew I was angry with her. I thought I hid it better from him.”

“Kids always see and hear more than we think.”

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