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#BookReview – “Saved by the Incubus” by Bliss Devlin

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In the red-hot sequel to Taken by the Incubus, the incubus Lord Amor defies the law of the Children of Lilith by taking the mortal Psyche as his wife. But their secret union is quickly betrayed when Psyche becomes pregnant. She is arrested and banished to the dreaded prison island of the Labyrinth to nourish the incubi and succubae exiled there.

Though her heart remains true to her husband, she finds herself helplessly craving the sensual delights that these demon lovers offer her, finding pleasure beyond her darkest imaginings in submitting to their feeding.

Enraged by his wife’s fate, Amor joins the mortals’ rebellion against the Children of Lilith, and embarks on a dangerous voyage to rescue his beloved Psyche. Pursued by ruthless supernatural hunters and forced to fight to protect his companions, Amor arrives at the Labyrinth critically injured. To save him, Psyche must surrender completely to her husband’s ravenous incubus hunger–a sacrifice that may cost her life!


Book 3 in the Children of Lilith series is a direct follow-up to book 2, Taken by the Incubus.

Psyche is living day-by-day, trapped first in a cell and then at the Labyrinth—a prison island where she has to sexually serve a number of so-called criminals and abominations. Despite her pain and heartache, she never gives up hope that her husband and master, Amor, will rescue her.

Amor has been trying desperately to get home in order to find Psyche, his wife and philtata—his beloved companion. Once he finally arrives, he realizes his vengeful mother has arrested and horribly abused Jadikira and Ancharia, his loyal friends and servants, and has exiled Psyche who is pregnant with his child. After he turns his back on his customs and his people, the Children of Lilith, he and his friends set off to rescue Psyche and to change the world as they know it.

I liked this book, but it’s not a typical romance. Firstly, it’s told from the heroine’s and Jadikira’s POV, not from the hero’s POV at all. Secondly, the H/h aren’t on page together until the end of the story. The narrative mostly focuses on what Psyche and Jadikira had to endure while at their respective prisons. While I found all of that very interesting and enjoyed it, I wish Psyche and Amor would’ve had more on-page time together.

Verus and Ianthe are great secondary characters and good friends to Psyche when she desperately needed them. Though I know what happens with Ianthe in the future, I’m dying to know what will become of Verus.

The heroes from book one, Won by the Three Satyrs, return in this one as prisoners at the Labyrinth, having been separated from their philtata and children for a few centuries now. While I like to think they will go find and reunite with their woman, Melis, once freed from their prison, I wish Ms. Devlin had verified it in this story. Otherwise, the HEA from book one is ruined, and I’ll never be able to read that book again because of it.

Trigger warning: the villains in this story treated Psyche, Jadikira, and a few other characters horribly, so for readers with sensitivity toward sexual abuse, this book isn’t for you.

There are some unanswered questions and a few typos, but I can envision what will happen next for most of the characters and the world they live in. I can’t wait to read the next story.

4 Stars

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