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Arresting Alan

If you love smokin’ hot romance, danger at every turn, and a happily ever after that will have you smiling, then grab a copy of Arresting Alan.

A hacker, a federal agent, and a crime boss. The time has come to fight.
Computer technician Alan Harding is no saint, but his squeaky-clean image is unshakable in the eyes of his family and especially his young son. After he agrees to assist a drug lord and hack into a criminal database, he’s faced with an impossible challenge—keeping his hands and heart away from his sexy as sin bodyguard, DEA Special Agent Hannah Adler.
Hannah would rather go hand-to-hand with an assailant than go undercover as Alan’s girlfriend, but she’s determined to keep him safe and his illegal activities on the down-low. The handsome man and his adorable child, however, are more than she bargained for.
Once their enemies learn the truth and retaliate, they’ll have to race against the clock to save Alan’s son and bring a dangerous empire to its knees.

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He claimed her mouth and slipped his tongue between her parted lips. A hint of mint teased his taste buds, and he kissed her harder. Hannah wiggled deliciously in his arms as she tried to pull free. Every swipe of her breasts across his chest soothed the headache still throbbing behind his eyes. Each stroke of her belly against his restrained cock tightened his already achy balls. After he leaned sideways just enough to drop the bottle on the floor without spilling it, he backed her against the TV case.

Hannah pried her face away and kneed him in the thigh.

“Ow!” He stumbled back, his head swaying.

“Damn. What’s gotten into you?” She straightened her twisted shirt and patted her lips.

“Sorry.” Not. He fisted his hair so hard his scalp burned. “I need you. I know you need me.”

“You’re drunk and not thinking clearly.” She growled as he clutched her elbow. “Let go, Alan. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m already hurt. Do your worst.” He pushed her back gently and lavished such slow, sweet love on her mouth that she moaned and wrapped her arms around him. All-male triumph surged through his veins. He feathered kisses down her chin and suckled on her neck.

“Oh, God. We shouldn’t do this again.” She tilted her head and lifted up on her toes.

“Fuck.” He panted hard as her lower stomach brushed his erection.

“I don’t want to regret this.”

He pulled back from her neck and cupped her warm face with his hands. “I’d never regret you. I’ve wanted you ever since you handed me my ass on a silver platter.”

“You remembered I said that?”

“It was the sexiest speech I’d ever heard. How about a drink? It will loosen you up.” He grabbed the bottle.

Hannah snatched the whiskey and swigged it like a pro. Her eyes watered, and she handed it back to him. “Strong.”

He gulped another long draw and set the bottle on the coffee table. With the liquid fire rushing through him, taking control, he kissed Hannah so deeply that he stole the air from her lungs. Then he pushed her face-first against the wall.

“What the hell, Alan? Hold on.” She bent her arms to brace herself.

“Calm down. Relax,” he murmured and buried his nose in her hair. Jesus. Even those wild, curly locks smelled of his favorite spice. He flattened his hand on her back and swept his lips across her tense neck and shoulder blades.

Her rigid muscles eased. She trembled and pushed back toward his crotch.

“Good girl.” He jerked down his jeans and boxers, kicked them away, and pumped his heavy cock. Her cotton pants sheathed her sweet ass as he stroked himself between her cheeks. “Get ready to burn, Hannah baby. When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to move.”

“Bring it, hotshot.”

Her breathy challenge rocketed through him. Hell, yes. Game on. She was his, and he played to win.

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