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#BookReview – “Innocent Eyes” by Gabbi Black

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Hardworking university student Tarah Peters has observed tycoon Sebastian Merrick from her security guard post for weeks. Under his gaze, she experiences desire for the first time in her life, and his unexpected proposition both daunts and intrigues her.

Sebastian doesn’t proposition women but feels compelled to offer Tarah a place to live and money for her schooling while he introduces her to his darkly erotic world. Her naïveté calls to him, but he must maintain an emotional distance while showing her the meaning of submission.

Tarah yearns for Sebastian to admit he wants more than just a Dominant/submissive relationship, that their enthrallment is mutual. Can she convince him this might be more than just an affair?


In book 3 of the In Their Eyes series, security guard Tarah Peters has little money and no true friends or close family. As she works the night shift in a condominium, she can’t stop fantasizing about the handsome man in unit 313, the one who takes a different woman up to his condo every Saturday night.

Sebastian Merrick has noticed the pretty security guard for a while, but she’s younger than him and knows nothing about BDSM and the D/s lifestyle, which he lives. After he finally approaches her with an offer she can’t refuse, he gets more than he bargained for.

Wow! This is a super hot story! It’s told entirely in Tarah’s POV, so I connected with her easier than I did Sebastian. Even though I wish Sebastian was clearer about the rules and what he expected of her as his submissive, I enjoyed them together. The pacing flowed well and kept my attention, but the plot twist at the end slowed things down a little.

I haven’t read the previous books in the series, and that’s okay. This book stands well on its own. Rielle and Gage as well as Alessandra and Smith (the couples from the previous books) return, so it was nice to meet them.

Anyway, Ms. Black wrote a fun, sexy, and heart-tugging romance. I teared up more than a few times because I couldn’t help identifying with Tarah. For readers who love a well-written erotic romance with lots of emotion, you should try Innocent Eyes.

5 Stars

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