#BookReview – “Accidentally Cimil” by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff



Meet Cimil. Yeah, she’s the Goddess of the Underworld, harbinger of all things evil and deadly, yadda yadda . . . but she’s also crazy fun! While minding her own business in Giza, Egypt, around 3000 BC (give or take a few centuries), she spots the hottest mortal her immortal eyes have ever seen. And he’s not just any guy–he’s the strong, powerful pharaoh. But when he kills her pet unicorn, Cimil vows revenge, even if takes thousands of years to get even.

When Roberto meets Cimil, the king knows she’s his soul mate. It isn’t just her beautiful eyes or gorgeous body, but the godly power he feels simmering just beneath her fun-loving surface. They were the perfect couple . . . until the dead unicorn thing. 
Now after four thousand years, Roberto crosses paths with Cimil again, and his love for her is stronger than ever. But can he prove that he can once again be trusted with her heart.


In book 4.5 of the Accidentally Yours series, Cimil is the multi-thousand year old Goddess of the Underworld, and she’s strolling through Egypt searching for her brother. While there, she sees the most gorgeous human ever and decides to play with him for a while. After all, she’s bored and wants a challenge. Narmer, however, proves a challenge she didn’t expect.

Pharaoh Narmer wants to marry a goddess and have her bear his children, so when Cimil shows up in his bedchamber, he traps her with Mayan magic and sets out to seduce her. Other than their instant chemistry, they totally clash. She’s an obstinate woman, he’s an arrogant man, and they’re both used to getting whatever they want. But when Narmer’s people betray him and Cimil’s human body is destroyed while she’s trying to save him, thousands of years of heartache, anger, and sexual frustration ensue for the couple.

This is the first book I’ve read in the series, and I think it probably wasn’t a good starting point for a new reader. I couldn’t connect with the H/h. Cimil was hilarious but was definitely hurting on the inside. Both she and Narmer (later known as Roberto) were often selfish and cruel to the people around them. Though I understood why they were like that, I just didn’t like it or find it funny.

I’m curious about the other books in the series and really interested to know how Cimil will find mates for her siblings. Though I love paranormal romances, I don’t often read comedies, but I liked Ms. Pamfiloff’s fun, snarky writing style. Still, I probably would’ve appreciated this book more had I read the previous ones in the series.

3 Stars

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