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#BookReview – “Thor: The Trials of Loki” by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (writer), Sebastian Fiumara (artist)

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The true origin of Thor’s archenemy and Marvel’s most unpredictable villain! He is the lie-smith; he is the shape-changer; he is the fire that burns. The God of Mischief and Trickery, Loki. Meet the mirthful, beloved young man that made all the Asgardians laugh…until the first time he killed. Discover the gnarled roots of his twisted, unrelenting hatred of the Asgardians. And learn the chilling truth of why he’ll never be stopped…

Collects: Loki 1-4


I love Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s writing. First I read his Sabrina and Archie runs, and now this Loki book. I wasn’t sure what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. I’m picky about the comics I read (I don’t like the wordy stuff), so this one was perfect.
Loki is the misunderstood villain. In some stories, he’s an anti-hero; in others, pure villain. With this book, it shows his evolution from a young man who feels like an outcast in his family to a villain who knowingly and willingly brings about the end of times to punish his family for perceived betrayals. Loki and his brother Thor remembers certain past events so differently. I don’t want to think badly of Thor, but Loki’s pain is so real. How could he make that stuff up? It’s hard to know what to believe. But the end result is Loki acting out and doing evil.
Anyway, this is a great story for new readers who don’t know much about the Loki/Thor/Asgardian mythos, and it’s great for long-time readers because it gives a new spin on a classic story since it’s from Loki’s perspective.
5 Stars

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