#BookReview – “Shadows in the Mist” by Virginie Marconato


The woman Philip finds in his bed one night is not the one he thought would be there for a playful romp, a night’s entertainment. That’s all he wants to provide to the women who try to snare him as a husband. Yet he is more honorable than his stepbrother, the person this woman awaits.

A penniless widow, Rose has accepted a humiliating marriage offer in the hope of being reunited with her son, taken from her by his grandfather. But the fiery lover who comes to her in the dark and finds her in his bed is not the future husband she was expecting…

How can she overcome this setback in her plans and still keep her dignity and reputation?


After the death of her beloved husband, Lady Rose Maltravers has fallen into poverty and lost custody of her son, Edward. Desperate to improve her situation and get her son back, she agrees to marry an odious man who demands she beds him before the wedding night.

Philip Whitlock, Lord Chrystenden, has made plans to meet a would-be lover, so when he finds a lady waiting for him in his bed, he naturally assumes she’s the one he’s been expecting.

Grab your tissues for this story! I teared up more than once. Rose and Philip are well-rounded, flawed characters who made mistakes but still tried to do their best in difficult situations. Rose, especially, has suffered much heartache.

I haven’t read a historical romance set in the Middle Ages for a long while, so this was a refreshing change of pace. For readers who like steam skillfully interwoven with a strong plot and good character development, Shadows in the Mist is a must read.

5 Stars

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