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#BookReview – “Taming the Highlander” by Terri Brisbin

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He is the Beast of the Highlands, a man known for his cruelty and unforgiving nature. Now laird of the powerful MacLerie clan and in need of a wife, Connor buys his way to a bride, one he insists not be beautiful like his first wife. He brings Jocelyn to his lair planning to keep her in his bed and out of his life…and heart.

Jocelyn MacCallum saves her family and people with her marriage, but fears for her soul and her life when she becomes bride to the Beast. Against his wishes and orders, Jocelyn begins to make a place in his clan for herself and begins to learn more about the man she wed.

When an old threat rises against the clan and laird, will love be powerful enough to save the woman not known for beauty and her Beast?


In the first book of the Clan MacLerie series, Lady Jocelyn MacCallum is shocked and devastated over her father’s plans, but she’s determined to do her duty. Her family’s clan is in dire straits, her brother has been imprisoned, and the only way to save both the clan and her brother is to marry the Beast of the Highlands, a man who most believed killed his first wife.

Laird Conner MacLerie needs a son and heir, but his savage reputation has prevented him from finding a suitable bride. Even his own people fear him, except for a few choice friends. After he makes a deal with the MacCallum clan, he marries Jocelyn and is determined to keep her at a distance, his heart forever belonging to his first wife, Kenna.

I really liked both characters, but Conner was hard to handle at times. Though he never physically hurt Jocelyn, he often disrespected her (as both his wife and the lady of the clan), showed little concern for her feelings, and treated her as a broodmare. But his cold, heartless side was understandable. The pain and anguish he suffered over Kenna’s death would definitely make any man build a wall around his heart. Even though Jocelyn was terrified of Conner at first, she was a strong woman and often stood up to him. Because of her strength, Conner started to see how wonderful and deserving of a woman she really was. Love bloomed slowly between them, but passion raged hot.

Duncan and Rurik, Conner’s friends, are awesome characters. Rurik’s book is next and I’m eager to read it.

As for the writing, I was sometimes confused as to who was thinking or speaking, but I was still mostly able to follow along. Anyway, I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the next one in the series.

4 Stars

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