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#BookReview – “Another Love” by Ann Jacobs


A tragic accident claims his wife’s life, leaving Blake to deal with Erin, the surrogate mother who bears his unborn child. Duty demands that Blake marry Erin to build a life for his child, but that’s all. The meddling ghost of his former wife, her sister, her son, and his closest friend have other plans. Sizzling chemistry, hot sex, and some heavenly intervention help them both overcome their grief and find Another Love. 


Wow. I can’t believe I’ve had this book on my Kindle for so long. The copy I read “Another Love” has been re-released under the title “The Closer We Get” in the Oil Barons series, and I don’t know if any edits have been made. So my review is for the older edition.

After the loss of her husband, Erin Winters lives her life taking care of her injured son, Timmy, and she’s in desperate need of money to provide for Timmy’s surgeries and physical therapy, not to mention everyday bills. When she agrees to be a surrogate mother for the Tanners, a wealthy couple who cannot have children, in exchange for fifty thousand dollars, she thinks her money problems will finally be over, at least for a while, even though it devastates her knowing she’ll have to give up her newborn baby. Then Glenna Tanner dies in a horrific shooting and her heartbroken husband, Blake, doesn’t want anything to do with the baby.

With his beloved wife dead, Blake falls into a deep depression, but he feels responsible for Erin and the baby she’s carrying, especially since she won’t have an abortion. He brings Erin and her son into his home, determined to give the unborn baby a two-parent family. Though he quickly falls head over heels for Timmy, he keeps a respectful distance from Erin and proposes a marriage of convenience. After all, Blake needs a mother for his child, and Erin needs Blake’s money for Timmy’s ongoing therapy. Though Blake and Erin become friends, his grief over his wife is a constant barrier for them. Neither of them expects their friendship to bloom into heart stopping love.

This story is probably one of the most heartfelt tearjerkers I’ve read in a long time. Be sure to have your tissues handy! Erin and Blake have lived through horrible tragedies and loss. They’re both strong, courageous people doing what they must in order to survive. Blake is so desperately in love with Glenna. The reader can feel his pain, grief, and guilt, especially as his sexual needs and unwanted feelings for Erin bring him and Erin closer together. Blake is a such a great father figure to the brave little Timmy, and it’s no wonder Erin quickly fell in love with him, even though she doubted Blake would ever love her in return.

I think my favorite character is Glenna. She comes back as a ghost to help Blake and Erin find happiness together.

There’s a side plot to the story that I equally enjoyed. Blake’s friend Greg, and Erin’s sister Sandy, are engaged and in love, but they have their own problems to work out, namely Greg’s bratty teen daughter. So, basically, there are two love stories to focus on.

Anyway, I absolutely loved this book, and I definitely recommend it.

5 Stars