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The thrilling conclusion to The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven trilogy, a fated mates paranormal fantasy adaptation of the medieval legend of Tristan et Yseult, interwoven with Arthurian myth, Avalon, Druids, Elves, and dark magic.

Wielding a trio of enchanted Elven weapons to battle a dark wizard and a legion of diabolical dwarves, Tristan is faced with the impossible choice between saving the woman he loves or defending his endangered kingdom. Inexplicably compelled to remain in the sacred forest where he hears the voice of her heart, the heir to the throne of Cornwall incurs the wrath and scorn of his army when he decides to hunt for his captive mate.

Her verdant magic greatly enhanced by the mystical Morgane la Fée, Issylte must summon a coalition of Naiad nymphs and celestial fairies to destroy a nascent evil as she fights to reclaim her rightful crown. When the Black Widow Queen unites with a malignant menace and a ghost from Tristan’s haunted past, the Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight must ally with a triad of shapeshifting warrior tribes to defeat a Viking Trident and defend their trinity of Celtic kingdoms.

Interwoven fates. Otherworldly mates. Destiny awaits.


In the last book in the The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven trilogy, the Irish princess Issylte continues her journey in trying to defeat her evil stepmother, Queen Morag, and free the citizens of Ireland and Cornwall from Morag’s tyranny. Along the way, she encounters battle and bloodshed, kidnapping, magic, the loss of dear friends, and a long-awaited, nail-biting confrontation with the woman who has destroyed everything and everyone she’s ever loved. With Tristan, Issylte’s beloved husband, and their loyal friend, Lancelot, at her side, it’s not the question of if she succeeds, but at what cost.

Whew! Issylte and Tristan’s adventure finally comes to a triumphant end. As always, their chemistry and obvious love and devotion for each other and their friends were up front and center in this historical/fantasy romance. The book is pretty long, about 5700% on my Kindle, but I read it in one setting since I couldn’t put it down. Ms. Walker wrote fascinating, fully developed characters whose flaws, hopes, and dreams further the plot, and she set it in a detailed environment that made it easy for me to visualize the scenes.

The Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight is a wonderful conclusion to a trilogy that captures the imagination.

5 Stars

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  1. Jennifer Ivy Walker

    Thank you so much for reviewing and featuring my upcoming release of The Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight–the conclusion to The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven trilogy!

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