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#BookReview – “Prince Hudson” by Lily Cahill

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Billionaire bear shifter Hudson Royce has learned to keep women at arms-length. He’s been used before, and protecting his privacy is a top priority. Besides, he’s too busy running one of the most powerful corporations in Chicago to waste his time on real relationships. But when a chance encounter with a bold, curvaceous stranger has him believing in fated love, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his.

Ballsy businesswoman Kay Hennessy wasn’t sure she’d ever set foot back in Chicago after her ex cheated on her and broke her heart. When she finally revives her courage, she returns to the city only to be courted by the man who once devastated her. Chase wants her back, and she’s ready to consider his proposal until she meets a sexy billionaire who may have a few extra talents she didn’t even know were possible.

Little do either of them know that Hudson is really a shifter prince who can’t take the throne without a mate. And an opposing clan will do anything to keep him away … even if it means killing the person he loves most.


In the first novella of the Alpha Bear Princes series, a rival clan of bears have murdered the emperor of the bear shifter community, so the empress has no other choice but to send their four sons away to live in secret without any knowledge of who they truly are. The young princes can only return and claim their birthright once they have made a successful life for themselves, and they must have found their mate.

Thirty years later…

Kay Hennessey awaits Chase, her ex-boyfriend, at a hotel bar. Even though she’s an intelligent, career-driven woman, she believes she’s lacking in the beauty department, and her fragile self-esteem falls even lower when she realizes Chase stood her up. Then she sees Hudson Royce, a gorgeous and successful real estate CEO, across the bar. But a short, chunky woman like her couldn’t hope to attract a man like him. Or so she thinks.

At first sight, Hudson knows the woman is his mate. As a bear shifter, he can sense it, and he’s completely enamored with her. After a wonderful night together, a misunderstanding drives her away, but Hudson always get what he wants—and he won’t let Kay avoid him for long.

I really enjoyed this book. Both characters seem to be genuinely good people with flaws like everyone else. Kay’s confidence grows, and Hudson learns he can be loved for who he is, not what’s in his bank account.

The story flowed smoothly, but I wish it had been longer to better tie up some plot points (such as, Kay’s relationship with her parents). There were some typos, which were a little distracting, and I found it odd that Hudson referred to his adoptive parents as “stepparents.”

Anyway, it’s a great story, and I’d love to learn more about his brothers in the later books.

4 Stars

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