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#BookReview – “Best Friends to Lovers Vol 1-3” by Kat Crimson

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Volume I: Seduced by 2 ~ Maya learns that best friends share everything, even her…

Volume II: After the Ménage is Over ~ Is it true what they say? Two is a couple, but three’s a crowd…

Volume III: Getting Bent ~ Max is upset. But finding his best friend, Foster, in bed with his girlfriend, Maya, isn’t the problem…


In the first part of this three-part serial, Maya and her boyfriend Max are living together and in love. Maya, however, is extremely uncomfortable around Max’s longtime best friend Foster because she’s secretly attracted to him. Max, knowing this, wants Maya and Foster to push past the tension between them, so he stages a sexual playtime between all three of them.

In the second part, Maya and Foster play without Max.

In the third, Max is understandably upset over his lovers’ actions, but his Dom tendencies go pretty far when he punishes his two subs.

This is a very erotic romance serial. Even though the three characters are having sex all the time, they do talk and discuss their feelings between their sweaty romps. All three of them are in love with each other. There’s M/F/M, F/M, and M/M couplings in this story, and everything was pretty graphic, which I liked.

The story is told entirely in Maya’s POV, in first person, and could use a light edit. Unfortunately, volume one ends on a cliffhanger without a HEA, which I wasn’t aware of when I downloaded it as a freebie. The story continues in additional parts, and I would like to know how everything wraps up for Maya, Max, and Foster.

3.5 Stars

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