#BookReview – “Won by the Three Satyrs” by Bliss Devlin


Myth and magic meet in this sizzling reverse harem romance!

The beautiful mortal maiden Melis has been disowned and banished from her home. With nowhere else to go, she enters the Temple of Lilith, hoping that a powerful incubus lord will choose her as his companion. She doesn’t expect that three immortal alpha males will break all the rules to win her as their bride!

This novella is a standalone prequel to The Children of Lilith series, and takes place about two centuries before the events in Taken by the Incubus.


In book 1 in the Children of Lilith series, Melis is cast from her home onto the street, so with no other choice, she volunteers to become a philtata to the mysterious Children of Lilith, a race of beings rumored to have magical powers.

Agreus, Nomios, and Phorbas win Melis at the auction. Though it’s unorthodox for three men to bind themselves to one woman, the sexy brothers like breaking the rules and always do things together. As Children of Lilith, they need a philtata with a strong aura, so they can feed off her energy/life source in order to live. In return, they provide her with food, home, and respect, as well as extreme sexual pleasure.

Melis was an interesting character, and I really liked her. Her lovers were kind and generous, but I didn’t feel like I got to know them very well since the story was only told from the heroine’s POV.

I’ve already read the three contemporary books in this series, so it was fun to see how the ritual and binding ceremony was different in the past. This novella was set a few thousand years ago (in Ancient Greece), but modern words and phrases were used, which distracted me a little.

Overall, I like this series and want to read more.

4 Stars

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