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Arresting Alan

This super hot romantic suspense novel is sure to heat you up. PreOrder it for 99 cents while you can.

A hacker, a federal agent, and a crime boss. The time has come to fight.
Computer technician Alan Harding is no saint, but his squeaky-clean image is unshakable in the eyes of his family and especially his young son. After he agrees to assist a drug lord and hack into a criminal database, he’s faced with an impossible challenge—keeping his hands and heart away from his sexy as sin bodyguard, DEA Special Agent Hannah Adler.
Hannah would rather go hand-to-hand with an assailant than go undercover as Alan’s girlfriend, but she’s determined to keep him safe and his illegal activities on the down-low. The handsome man and his adorable child, however, are more than she bargained for.
Once their enemies learn the truth and retaliate, they’ll have to race against the clock to save Alan’s son and bring a dangerous empire to its knees.

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She flexed her hands, determined to take the high road. “I’m sorry about this morning, flipping out on you and all. What happened last night was a mistake. It won’t happen again.”

“Bullshit. I know your job is tough. Your bitchy façade is what you want the world to see, but I’m not the world. Keep your apology and tell me what’s in your heart. It’s not the chunk of frozen coal you pretend it is. You burned like liquid fire when I touched you and clung to me as we slept. Don’t deny it. You owe us both better than that.”

She pursed her lips and dropped her gaze. The heart in question ached from his astute assessment.

“Forget it.” He turned back around and jabbed his fingers at the keyboard.

A long string of letters, numbers, and symbols popped up in the black window.

She cursed and seized the steps between them to gently squeeze his shoulder. “My heart’s not frozen, but you’re a temptation I can’t afford. I won’t deny what happened or how it made me feel, but don’t expect a repeat.”

He halted his tirade on the keys and stared straight ahead at the computer with glassy, unfocused eyes behind his black-rimmed glasses.

“Are you okay?” She swished her hand in front of his face and snapped her fingers.

His Adam’s apple bobbed like he swallowed a marble.

He half turned and grasped her hand so quickly that she jumped. Her stomach clenched from his suddenly sharp gaze on her face. Oh yes, she was in trouble. Alan had breached her defenses, pierced her soul, and reached her vulnerable side. That ended now.

She straightened, taking full advantage of her superior height with him in the chair. “Grow up, Alan, and forget about your little crush on me. Whatever you have going on in your head where I’m concerned is ridiculous.”

“Crush?” He feathered his thumb over her knuckles and tightened his grip when she tried to pull back. “Go ahead, fight the draw between us all you want. You won’t win. I said yesterday I’d wait for you. Now I’ve tasted you and felt you shatter in my arms. If I have to wait a lifetime to hold you again, fine. You’re worth the wait.”

A sob burned in her throat. She’d waited so long for a man she cared about to claim her. Now that it happened, she itched to run away. “Believe what you like, but nothing will come from it.” Again, her stomach twisted.

“We’ll see.” He released her and commenced typing with a much lighter touch. As she retreated across the room, he cleared his throat with a cough. “But know this, Hannah baby—I’m not giving you up without a fight. If you don’t want me, you’ll have to prove it.”

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