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#BookReview – “Glorious” by Charlotte Glass

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Glorious is Gorgeous – it was her moniker
Beautiful, impulsive and spoiled, Glorious DeLaporte, is lightning in a bottle. She’s vacationing on Cape Cod with her new best friend Allison and Allison’s husband, Gavin Sanders, CEO of the storied publishing house Sanders and Grisham. But Glorious and Gavin were once a couple. She left him to marry “my own private idiot,” the safe, steady and even- tempered Will. Gavin was just too dangerous, too sexy, too much in her dreams. She was losing herself in her love for him. But now, as she witnesses every day, the “veil of love” Allison and Gavin have created for themselves, she wants to rip that veil away and find out once and for all, if she made the right decision. Thoughts of Gavin’s and Allison’s lovemaking are driving Glorious to drink too much, party too much and take dangerous risks with her life. Then one day she walks into a bar…

What follows is an unexpected turn in her life that wends its way into transformative passion and unspeakable tragedy.


In the second installment in the Allison Cassidy series, Glorious DeLaporte is taking a vacation and lusting after her new best friend’s husband—whom she used to date. She regrets letting Gavin go and envies what he’s found with Allison, so she begins to question several of the choices she’s made in her life.

This is a entertaining book with a fun yet spoiled heroine who grows and discovers who she really is. I enjoyed Glorious as a character and learning why she is the way she is. I also loved seeing Gavin and Allison again and finding out how their relationship has progressed.

Ms. Glass’s descriptions of Cape Cod was vivid and beautiful, and I could easily see myself there. I’d love to visit someday.

This book picks up two years after the first one, but I think it can be read as a standalone (though it would be better enjoyed if you read them both).

4 Stars

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