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#BookReview – “Rise for Me” by Kristal Dawn Harris


Vampire and warlock, Roman Lee, spent centuries alone as ringmaster of the carnival. After befriending and healing a scarred, young woman, Roman realizes Mariah is his mate. He waits for her, but when she departs from his life, his torture knows no bounds. Now he’s risen, unforgiving and angry, forced from his grave by the one woman who captured his heart, but will another secret and the call of his mate change everything?

The steady call of Roman’s blood and the promise of peace brings Mariah Stone home to the carnival and the vampire she left behind. He ignores her until she forces him from the grave with her blood. His anger crushes her already broken spirit, but she is determined to win Roman’s forgiveness and free him from their bond. Denied passion leads them down a path of magic and desire, while a devastating secret threatens eternal love.


Romani vampire Roman Lee is the ringmaster of a carnival that’s full of supernatural creatures. He welcomes anyone who’s an outcast from society, including a young human girl with an unfortunate birthmark on her face. As the girl grows into a woman, he realizes she’s his mate.

Mariah Stone has found a kindred spirit with the carnival folk, but she gives them—and Roman—up to protect them. Then her life spins out of control. She only wants one last thing before her time ends—a second chance with the man she loves.

This novella hit all the sweet spots. There was love, anger, regret, forgiveness, magic, and a sexy vampire. All the things I like to read in a paranormal romance. I just wish this story had been longer to give more detail to the characters, their lives, and their environment. The pacing flowed well, but there were some areas of repetition. I enjoyed Ms. Harris’s book and would like to read more from her.

4 Stars