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#BookReview – “My Dom” by Jane Henry and Maisy Archer


Heidi considers herself a strong, independent, professional—definitely not the type to fall for a macho, dominant, alpha male like her neighbor in 6F. Yet when she overhears his kinky, sensual escapades one evening, she finds herself as intrigued as she is horrified. Surely that’s not spanking she’s hearing? And are those whimpers from the woman in his bed caused by pleasure or pain? She tells herself she is not attracted to… whatever they are doing. But when she has an unfortunate run-in with Mr. 6F himself, the connection is electric. To her great consternation, she finds herself imagining what it would be like to be under his authority, or bound to his bed.

Dominic thinks he’s tasted all the pleasures the lifestyle has to offer without the messy complications of an emotional connection or commitment… until he meets Heidi. The night she finally gets up the nerve to ask him to put her over his knee, he’s more than happy to oblige. This sassy, adorable woman draws out of him a desire to protect and lead, awakened with growing fervor as he introduces her to the erotic, intoxicating world of Dominance and submission.

But when Heidi and Dom are thrown together in an unlikely series of events that tie them together professionally, they must separate business from pleasure. Or will they?


In book one in the Boston Doms series, financial/audit consultant Heidi Morrow has just moved into a new apartment. Though she tries to ignore it, she often hears her next-door neighbor having really hot BDSM sex with various women.

Dominic Angelico is the headmaster for a prestigious school, and a man in his position cannot blatantly parade his unusual lifestyle to the public. No longer satisfied with casual D/s relationships, he realizes his new neighbor is just what he needs but everything he’s been trying to avoid.

Dom and Heidi are fun characters. He’s strict and patient as a good dom should be. She’s feisty enough to keep him on his toes, but she also needs to let go and let someone else care for her. The H/h fit really well together. There was some miscommunication between them and surprises neither expected, which added to the drama, but I liked how they talked about it and settled things before something small became overblown. That was really nice and refreshing.

Matteo, Dom’s twin brother, is definitely hot and intriguing, and I’m anxious to learn more about his military past and dom lifestyle. Hillary, Heidi’s sister, found herself in some bad trouble. I would’ve liked to learn more about that in this book, but it’ll play a big role in the next one.

There were a few typos, but I enjoyed the authors’ writing style and would love to read more of their work.

4 Stars