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#BookReview – “The Dream Room” by Charlotte Glass

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The future doesn’t belong to anyone – don’t let it in the door.

Allison Cassidy needs a job – desperately. Her boyfriend Jed, has gone to Los Angeles to find work as an actor and she’s alone in New York. When she’s called in to Sanders and Grisham for an interview with Gavin Sanders himself, she tries to control her nerves. But the minute she steps into the offices of S&G, she begins to suspect that something is either very, very wrong, or exquisitely right inside these walls. There are rooms upon rooms, shooting stars on the ceiling, hidden pathways, and an older couple named John and Rosette Ramondo who seem to appear and disappear at will.
When Gavin Sanders finally opens the door to his office and invites her in, she can feel his gray-green eyes stalking her like a cat. “Gavin Sanders cocked his head and looked directly into her eyes. He was, Allison thought, incredibly handsome, the kind of handsome that brings you up short, that quickens your breath.”
But the interview goes terribly wrong and sets Allison, Jed and Gavin on a path that is as tortuous as the route to Gavin’s office; a path that will lead to unexpected consequences of betrayal and the very nature of love.


Allison Cassidy is looking for a day job while she tries to finish writing her play. She and her boyfriend, Jed, have agreed that she’ll work and support him financially while he moves to Hollywood to try and break into acting. He’s only been gone a few months, but she feels a strain on their relationship. Then she meets Gavin, the CEO of a publishing company she hopes to work for, and her life changes forever.

OMG! Allison’s interview with Gavin was hilarious. I felt so bad for her, but that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud. She’s a strong, smart, likable woman that I think a lot of readers can relate to. She loves Jed, but she can’t help her fascination with Gavin and The Dream Room, a mysterious place in his office building.

The secondary cast is great. I especially liked Allison’s grandmother. She’s snarky, fun, and just wanted Allison needed.

Ms. Glass wrote a fun, interesting romance. There were a few punctuation issues, but the story flowed well enough that I barely noticed them after a while.

For readers who want a different kind of romance, pick up The Dream Room.

4 Stars

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