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Series: Arresting Onyx (book 3)
Publisher: Daulton Publishing
Release Date: October 11th, 2022
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 85k
Heat Rating: 5 Flames


A one-night stand, a surprise baby, and a mysterious stalker.

Mechanic Benjamin Starwell can’t stop thinking about Belle Hamlin, the ballsy musician he slept with and skipped out on months earlier. He never meant to get her pregnant, but he’ll do whatever it takes to win back her trust and be a part of his child’s life. His desire for Belle drives him to be a better man, but he’s worn thin with a garage to run and his estranged sister dumping her troubles on him.

Belle’s juggling impending motherhood, her indie rock career, and a stalker who’s determined to see her fail. Even though she’s desperate to get her priorities straight, she pushes aside her past hurt and welcomes Benji back into her bed. She never expects him to slip into her heart.

When the danger escalates, they face the greatest challenge of all—protecting their unborn child.


Benji bolted upright, waking from a dirty dream that starred the sexpot beside him. His thumping heart struck his ribs as he dragged in air. What was that noise? The harsh pounding reverberated again from somewhere beyond the bedroom walls.Was someone banging on the apartment door? He pushed back the blanket and tugged his boxers on over his poor stiffy.

Belle moaned and dragged the bedding over her head.

He hurried from the room and knocked against the coffee table. Ouch! Pain shot through his big toe as he hopped to gain his balance. At least his soldier deflated.

Pepperoni hissed at him from atop his coat. Her eyes glowed yellow in the dim light like she was a blob of demonic, prickly fur.

The rude-ass visitor banged again. After flipping up the outdoor light switch, Benji unlocked and yanked open the door. Darkness surrounded him. Frigid cold smacked him in the face, prickling his skin.

Shadows cloaked the skinny man who shifted his feet at the threshold. Not even the faint moonlight streaming in from the breezeway touched him.

The stranger reared back, his eyebrows shooting up beneath his black cap. “Where’s Belle?”

“Asleep.” Benji swung his scowl from him to the empty light fixture. Had he taken the bulb? A shiver that had nothing to do with the cold shot up Benji’s spine. “Who are you? Why are you here?”

“I have to talk with her. I gotta.” He tightened his bulky coat around him.

“Come back tomorrow, at a decent hour. What’s your name?”

“No, I can’t.” He trembled. The scent of alcohol permeated the white puffs of air that escaped his mouth. “I gotta speak with her now. It’s taken me all night to get up my nerve to do this. She’s so damn stubborn.”

Hell, no. Benji fisted his hands. “You’re drunk. Get the fuck out of here.”

“Belle!” He gripped the doorframe, panic flaring in his eyes. “Come out here. Please!”

“Leave.” Benji shoved him back and stomped onto the landing. Ow! The cold corrugated metal bit into his bare feet.

The stranger snatched the missing bulb from his pocket and threw it before fleeing down the creaky stairs.

“Shit.” Benji leapt back as the glass hit the landing and shattered into countless shards.

The late-night caller dashed to the nondescript sedan in front of the building. The engine revved, the lights flashed on, and the vehicle sped away.

He clutched the freezing banister until the car lights disappeared down the street. His chest heaved. Heat lashed through his veins, combating the cold.

Pepperoni meowed and wove between his legs, rubbing him roughly. Tiny shards glistened in the weak light a few inches from her paws.

“C’mon, you.” He scooped the cat up and hurried back inside.

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