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When small-town college instructor Candace Cooper discovers bloody, bare footprints in the snow while running in a state park deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it brings back the horrific nightmare of her past.

Detective Aiden Farrell is determined to redeem himself in his new position in Colorado, even if that means ignoring his growing feelings for the beautiful professor he meets during an investigation. His fear that the footprints she saw are connected to a recent spate of missing teens intensifies when Candace is assaulted on campus.

Aiden and Candace join forces, but as they start unraveling the truth, they get closer to each other—and to a killer who’ll stop at nothing to achieve his nefarious goal.

Caught between duty and love, Aiden fights in a race against time to save the woman he loves.


After college professor Candace Cooper finds bloody footprints in the snowy forest, she sees a mysterious bearded man with a rifle in his hands. She runs off and calls for help, but the police don’t believe her story. Years earlier, Candace’s sister, Charlene, was kidnapped and tortured along with four other teenagers, but Charlene was the only girl who wasn’t rescued. Ever since then, Candace has made it her mission to harass and beg the cops to keep looking for her sister even though the case is now long cold.

Detective Aiden Farrel is new to town and assigned a missing person’s case. He’s desperate to redeem himself after a scandal the year prior, so he pours himself into his work. He believes Candace’s story to the chagrin of his blustery partner and works with her in trying to find a missing teenager. As they search for clues, disturbing evidence comes to light. Candace is at risk, but he’s determined not to fail again.

What a great story! Both Candace and Aiden have their own fair share of guilt, especially Candace, and they bond over their pain. After everything she’s been through, she has a right to be scared, but she hasn’t let her fear stop her from living her life. Her bravery is admirable.

I’ve always liked Ms. Clark’s writing. Her romantic suspense stories are clean (no sex) and lean more on the suspense angle than the romance, which I find refreshing since I usually only read romance. For anyone wanting a nail-biter of a story with three-dimensional characters, check out Forging Forgiveness.

5 Stars

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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review, Amber! I’m thrilled you liked my book.

    1. You’re so welcome, CB. It was great!

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