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#BookReview: “Sea Hunter” by D.V. Stone

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Sea Hunter:
On the turbulent high seas, an archeologist must protect a historic shipwreck from treasure hunters—not fall for one.

Zahra Corbyn.
I’m a Sea Hunter. As an underwater archeologist and professor of antiquities, it is my duty to stop treasure hunters and looters from raiding Sea Wraith. But fate is a funny thing. Now I find myself working with Jack Alexander, a treasure hunter, to protect history from a known looter. Did my heart’s desire change?
Captain Jack Alexander.
I’ve been told women on a ship are unlucky, but this one has the two pieces of the map I need to finally claim Sea Wraith. Now I find myself in a deal that makes me one-third partner with her and a known scoundrel.
Can the two unlikely allies work together while safeguarding their hearts against the power of the Mortar and Pestle?
If you like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, you’ll love Zahra Corbyn and Jack Alexander.


In book 4 of the multi-author Mortar and Pestle series, university professor and archaeologist Zahra Corbyn grudgingly teams up with two treasure hunters to seek out an infamous pirate ship that sunk off the coast of New England centuries earlier. To overcome his crushing guilt, Jack Alexander wants to find the ship for the riches it supposedly has onboard. Then he rescues Zahra from drowning and uncovers the most priceless treasure of all—true love.

What a fun story! I haven’t read many romance books set during or right after WWII, so this one was a treat. Ms. Stone really did her homework when it came to language, clothing, mannerisms, and science of the time. The diving and underwater exploration was interesting, and the search for the Sea Wraith kept my attention.

This WWII-era romance has a light paranormal twist, so if that’s your thing (it is mine!), you won’t be disappointed.

4 Stars

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