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#BookReview – “Jazz House” by D.V. Stone

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Jordan Vasilakis is on the run, living under the assumed name of Madeline Cielo. After a disastrous marriage to a notorious Greek business tycoon, she’s rebuilding her life as a jazz singer.
Police officer Michael Machau is friends with the House family, who have welcomed him into their lives. But their family is in danger from a woman who has already injured them.
Jazz House, a modern throwback to jazz music’s heyday, brings together a dedicated police officer and a woman living a lie. Can lives be rebuilt after so much destruction? 


In book two of the Impact series, Jordan Vasilakis survives an explosion in Greece and escapes her abusive husband, Kyrios. She finds her way to the US months later and starts her life over with a new identity. She’s a singer, so she finds work at a new upscale restaurant in a small Pennsylvanian town. Her boss, Olivia House, and the chef, Shay McDowell, offer her friendship, which makes her want to settle down. But she has to stay one step of her vengeful husband.
Police officer Michael Machau is friends with the House siblings and their significant others. He’s always been a loner, but from the moment he sees Jordan—who’s going by the name Madeline—he’s smitten. But she has secrets, ones he’s determined to uncover. When everything comes to light, will he be able to keep the woman he’s fallen in love with safe?
Jordan is definitely a strong woman. She’s been through hell and has come out stronger for it. Even though she’s afraid and rightfully so, she wants to live her life and will do anything she has to in order to be happy. Michael has found a family in friends, both with the House siblings and with his fellow cops at the station, but he craves romantic love with someone who loves him back.
I enjoyed the plot and think it matches well with the first book in the series, Rock House Grill. I usually read steamy books, but this sweet, clean romance captured my attention from the first page to the last.
4 Stars

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