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#BookReview – “Across a Windswept Isle” by Terri Brisbin

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Ailis lost the love of her life. . . or is he standing right in front of her?

Lachlan MacLean loved his enemy’s daughter but duty called for him to marry another. Attacked by an unseen assailant and left to die in a fiery grave, he survived and now wanders the isle of Mull without any memory of his past. He seeks anyone who might know him but the one he wishes to find is the woman who haunts his dreams and visions. When he encounters her, she is being given in marriage to another man. He doesn’t know her name, but he knows he must have her to regain his life.

Ailis MacKinnon lost the love of her life in a terrible fire and months later is being forced by her father to marry. When she refuses and is given to the next man who enters the keep instead, she discovers that the mysterious ‘Iain’ reminds her of the man she lost. Worse, he encourages her to be the woman she should be. As the battle of wills between father and daughter builds, so does the passion between her and this hooded man. Will Ailis be able to claim the man she lost knowing that exposing his identity will endanger him? Or can she give him up now that she has found him?

Will their forbidden love save them when danger threatens their very lives?


Lachlan MacLean and Ailis MacKinnon are in love, but they come from warring clans and have to keep their relationship a secret. After his elder brother dies, Lachlan’s father and laird forces him to honor his late brother’s betrothal to a woman he doesn’t want. Despite his broken heart, he sends word to Ailis, asking her to meet him, but then someone assaults him and left him for dead.

Ailis still loves and mourns for Lachlan. Though he died eight months ago in a tragic fire, a fire that left her hands and arms scarred, she cannot move past her grief. Her laird father is pressuring her to marry, but she is constantly refusing his choice of husbands. After she finally promises to marry the first man who walks into the keep, a mysterious stranger in a mask walks in, seeking shelter. Though he goes by the name Iain, the scarred man doesn’t remember who he is, but he recognizes Ailis. He’s been dreaming about her for months, and he knows she’s the key to regaining his memories.

Lachlan/Iain has endured such physical pain and heartache, but he’s still a good person and not lost to insanity or revenge. Ailis is full of grief and what she feels as betrayal from her family. Both the H/h are lost in their pain, but they begin to heal after meeting one another. Though they don’t fall in love as Iain and Ailis, they form a fast friendship and an understanding. Once the truth is revealed, their love and “official” reunion is so beautiful. Make sure you have some tissues handy!

This is a great novella, though I wish it would’ve been longer. There aren’t any loose ends, necessarily, but I would’ve liked some details about the truce with the feuding clans and where the H/h would live. Still, I really enjoyed the book and would like to read more from Ms. Brisbin.

4 Stars

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