#BookReview – “Chocolate Kisses” by River Ford


Kerri Manning returns home with only one semester of college left. She’s in pain and trying to figure out what to do with a diagnosis that will change her future. It’s hard to dream of happiness, but the new guy in town manages to make her laugh. Can she take a chance he’ll stick around?

Eric Hunt is an up-and-coming sculptor who has grown tired of his fake friends in New York City. He finds himself in the small town of Eureka Springs looking for the passion he used to have for his art. Could Kerri be the inspiration he needs?


In book 1 of the Eureka in Love series, Kerri Manning is returning home from college to lick her wounds after receiving a terrible health diagnosis. Though her family is supportive, she’s angry and feels lost.

Eric Hunt leaves NYC for the comfort of small-town living. He’s tired of fake people and wants something genuine in his life to revive his love of art. He’s a sculptor and needs a new muse—whom he unexpectedly finds in Kerri. But can he reach past her pain and suffering with the secrets between them?

Kerri and Eric were wonderful together. They became friends first and were on their way to something more when a misunderstanding drew them apart. That stated, I wasn’t too fond of Kerri’s friends, Gia and Brynn. Anyway, the H/h’s biggest obstacle to romance was Kerri’s self-esteem issues. She has the beginning stages of rheumatoid arthritis, and the outlook is bleak. Understandably, she isn’t looking for romance. Her pain, both emotional and physical, made me tear up a few times. Seeing her learn to trust and open up with Eric was great. The story ends with a HFN, but I believe there’s a second book, a Christmas romance, that finally delivers the HEA. However, this story stands well on its own feet. No cliffhangers.

I listened to the audiobook. Kathleen Miranti did a decent job with the narration, but her voices for the different characters, both the men and women, often sounded so similar that I didn’t know who was speaking. Sometimes, the voice didn’t match the emotion of the scene.

Chocolate Kisses is a sweet, clean romance with only mild kissing, so if that’s your thing, you might enjoy this book.

4 Stars

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