#BookReview – “Mafia Shark” by Maya Gaston


Famous for all the wrong reasons, Dante’s a criminal, a mafia prince, dripping with style and luxury.
He walked in, exuding a dangerous authority that I could feel from behind the bar.
Dante doesn’t belong in this dive, like I do.
His lingering at my job is driving me nuts.
I wish he didn’t have this obsession with me; I don’t want a savior.
Even if the savior has a chiseled jaw and broad shoulders.
He’s relentless and persuasive until I agree to have dinner with him.
I hate him, but I make the best of it.
Being a part of his world can be fatal.
Suddenly, I become a helpless pawn in a life-or-death bet.
The game clock ticks, and my fate hangs in the balance.
Can he find me before my time runs out?


Raven Hall works as a bartender, living from paycheck to paycheck. When a well-dressed customer finds her wallet and gives her three hundred dollars, she’s refuses the cash, not wanting help from anyone. This only intrigues the man, and he continues trying to help her out.

Dante Ebarra knows what it’s like to be struggling, but now, he’s a wealthy crime lord who controls half of the city. He has big plans to take out his competition. When Raven gets trapped in the middle, he’ll do anything to save her.

I liked both Raven and Dante. They were equally stubborn and fit well together. Their romance starts off rocky, but it moves forward steadily and makes you keep reading to find out what will happen next.

I hate saying this, especially since I like the book, but there are some editing issues, and I had trouble visualizing a few of the scenes. (For instance, the H/h are walking to her apartment, which is an hour’s walk. After what seems to be only ten minutes, they’re suddenly at the apartment. Things like this threw me out of the story.)

Anyway, this is a fun mafia romance. There are scenes of violence and gore, but unlike some other dark romances, the violence stays out of the bedroom and has nothing to do with the couple themselves. That was refreshing. So for readers who are just beginning to get into mob romances and don’t want anything too extreme, this is a good book to check out.

3.5 Stars

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