Timeless Beginnings is finally here! #ReleaseDay

“Timeless Beginnings” Release Day: A Journey of Love and Mystery Begins!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for! “Timeless Beginnings,” the steamy time travel romance that takes you from the past to the heart of 1960s Bolivia, is finally here. Celebrate the release with us as we follow the entwined destinies of Rodger, an undercover CIA agent, and Leonora, a woman out of time.

A Story of Destiny and Desire: Rodger Ramsey, a man of science and secrecy, never expected to find a runaway bride on the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. But Leonora Harris is no ordinary bride. She claims to have traveled two hundred years through time, and her presence challenges everything Rodger believes in.

Passion Ignites Amidst Salt and Secrets: As Leonora seeks solace in Rodger’s arms, their passion ignites, and the notion of returning to her eighteenth-century life fades. But with Rodger’s duty calling him back to the States and Leonora trapped without a passport, their love faces an impossible challenge.

Join the Adventure: Don’t miss out on the romance that will set your heart racing and your imagination soaring. Get your copy of “Timeless Beginnings” today and embark on a journey where love knows no bounds and destiny intervenes to unite soul mates separated by time.

Timeless Beginnings – Where every page turn is a step into a world of intrigue and romance. Get ready to fall in love with a story that proves when it comes to the heart, there’s no such thing as the wrong time.


Soul mates separated by time. Destiny intervenes.

Undercover American operative Rodger Ramsey never anticipated encountering a runaway bride amidst the vast salt flats of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. The alluring woman triggers his protective instincts, but her insistence that she’s traveled two hundred years through time tests his patience. It’s 1963, and he’s a man of science, not fantasy.

Forced into an arranged marriage, Leonora Harris flees her husband’s home and stumbles through an underground vortex. Now adrift in a vibrant yet unfamiliar land, she seeks solace in the arms of a captivating stranger. Passion ignites, and the notion of returning to eighteenth-century England fades into oblivion.

Time is not on their side. Rodger’s duty calls him back to the States, and Leonora is trapped without a passport. How will they stay together, or will she survive in this strange new world alone?

Book 2 (the Prequel) in the steamy Ramseys in Time series.

Second edition. Newly revised, edited, and extended.

Tagline: Leonora finds love and a new beginning in the arms of a stranger.

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Steamy Excerpt

“How did this happen?” He groaned the words against her mouth and trailed his kisses down her throat. “A few hours ago in this very room, I vowed not to kiss you again. Yet here we are.”

“Where we should be.” She gripped his shoulders.

“You’re wicked temptation. Do you know that?”

“I’m learning it, yes.”

“When we’re done, I’m going to ask you some questions. Until then, I’m going to make you scream my name.” His chest shuddered. He closed his eyes as though to calm down and then met her gaze. “I will be gentle.”

“Good.” She grasped his hand and pulled him to his bedroom, shocked and impressed at her own gumption. The heat in his eyes thrilled her, sending little sparks of fire through her veins. Every ounce of her being desired him. Even if she couldn’t stay in his arms forever, she would cherish this unforgettable moment until the end of her days.

Thin beams of sunlight filtered through the edges of the closed window blinds, sharpening the rugged planes of his face and highlighting the threads of cinnamon in his dark irises. With a steady breath, she slowed her racing heart and dropped her new shawl to the floor. Then she undid the buttons of his blazer from around her chest. The heat of his gaze followed her every movement and prickled her skin. She slid the garment off her shoulders and stood before him in her borrowed shirt and pants, longing to wear something more feminine.

“You are so beautiful.” He cupped her face with his large, roughened palm. Then he freed the buttons from the shirt holes and parted the lapels.

She gulped as he slid the fabric down her arms. Cool air nipped at her breasts and puckered her nipples into stiff peaks. Her belly quivered. His soft, reverent touch glided down her arm, raising goosebumps, and then caressed the underside of her left breast. She gasped and lurched forward, pressing herself into the palm of his hand.

A hiss escaped his mouth. Gripping her waist, he tweaked her nipple lightly before he fondled her other breast and feathered kisses along her jawline and down her neck.

Not sure where to put her hands, she rested them on his chest as he savored her with gentle nips of his teeth and the soothing swirl of his tongue across each nibble. He licked a sensuous trail of heat from her collarbone to her breast, and she moaned, clutching him closer. His harsh breath puffed across her sensitized skin and filled her ears as he unbuckled the belt from her waist and pushed the pants down her legs. A tremor chased up her spine.

He stepped back and caressed her with his gaze. “More beautiful than I imagined.”

“You’ve imagined seeing me like this?” she forced the words out in a thready voice. She clasped her hands behind her back to not hide the curls at the apex of her thighs.

“Just because I tried to behave in front of you doesn’t mean I was a saint in my head.”

His rough admission quickened her pulse. She relaxed her grip on her hands. “Tell me what you thought, what you wanted to do to me.”

“I’d rather show you.”

Rodger descended on her in a maelstrom of kisses. His need rolled through her like a tidal wave. She jerked on his blazer and pushed it down his arms.

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