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#BookReview – “Castle Gordon” Sue Jaskula

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After her husband is gunned down mere weeks before the end of WWII, Anna Castle Gordon arrives in a small Canadian town on the shores of Lake Huron, determined to carry out their planned future despite his demise. Braving harsh northern storms and unfamiliar territory seems straightforward to Anna after serving in the air force herself. When her late husband’s lecherous brother proves threatening, and her funds are withheld, Anna’s confidence wavers.

Handsome and caring, Scottish born Joseph Hendrie seems the answer to her apprehension; until a local woman’s disappearance creates Anna’s biggest challenge yet… knowing who to trust. Will she become the next victim? Is Joseph all he seems? Can she follow her dreams in a new country without his help, or does she want to?


After losing her husband mere weeks before WWII ended, Anna Gordon follows through with their life plan and moves to Canada to open a jewelry store and to be closer to her deceased husband’s brother and his family. But Ian, her brother-in-law, is nothing like her sweet, forward-thinking husband. He’s manipulative and cruel, both to Anna and his sickly wife, and is in full control of Anna’s money. Then he attempts to sexually assault her, so she flees into the woods, only to be rescued by a charming Scotsman, Joseph Hendrie, a man with his own fair share of secrets.

I haven’t read many WWII-era books, but I found this one enjoyable. Anna is a strong-willed woman who survived the war after being in the air force, and though she lives in a man’s world, that doesn’t stop her from speaking her mind and helping those who need it. She’s the type of heroine I wish all heroines were in novels—persistent, levelheaded, and willing to speak her mind.

The mystery/suspense surrounding a woman’s disappearance and how it affects Anna and her relationship with Joseph is sure to keep you turning the pages. For readers who want a historical romantic suspense novel with a strong Canadian backdrop, Castle Gordon is for you.

4 Stars

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