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#BookReview – “Change of the Heart” by Kelly Wolf

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Camille White is sleeping with her boss and plans to wow him with a promotion-worthy presentation at the costume-required office Christmas party, but everything goes awry. Turns out, he’s only been using her for sex and fires her when she refuses to sleep with him. Camille grabs a cab, hurt over being used and shocked over her stupid choices, and the crabby cab driver isn’t making her night any easier.

Matt Day knew the woman he just picked up in his cab was trouble, especially since she’s dressed like an angel. He just wants to go home to his crummy apartment, but he drives to Upstate NY in a snowstorm to take her home. When they get stranded in the snow, they walk the rest of the way to her place and come to an understanding—one night, just sex, no strings attached. But when morning comes, their simple arrangement becomes much more complicated.

I really liked the H/h. Matt and Camille have both been scorned by the opposite sex, and their baggage is eating away at them. Even though there’s no declaration of love, the emotion is definitely there between them.

There were a few typos, nothing major, and a lot of telling (mostly in flashbacks), instead of showing. There are also some unanswered questions. I enjoyed the story but really wished it would’ve been longer.

3 Stars

(Note: this book is no longer available for purchase or review anywhere that I can find online. Sorry, readers, if you wanted to grab a copy!)

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