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#BookReview – “Captive Dreams” by Angela Knight and Diane Whiteside

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Double the heat: the queens of super-sexy paranormal romance join forces for a one-of-kind novel.

Celeste and Corinne Carson are more than sisters-they’re bestselling writers, each with a fantasy-fulfilling alpha-male hero. For Celeste, it’s Jarred, a conqueror from the future. For Corinne, it’s the barbarian Mykhayl from a world long ago. Devilishly sensual warriors, Jarred and Mykhayl have something in common themselves-they’re both more real than their creators could have imagined. Fearing that the sisters are about to write them off, Jarred and Mykhayl decide to exact sweet revenge. The plan? Kidnap Celeste and Corinne, spirit them away to the very worlds of which they wrote, and persuade them to surrender to the sublime punishments of their own uninhibited imaginations.


The two novellas in this anthology collection share a prologue and opens with the heroines, sisters Corrine and Celeste, talking about the frustrating heroes in the romance books that they write. The women never expect those heroes to magically appear and kidnap them, sending them on the adventure of a lifetime.

In “Bound by the Dragon” by Diane Whiteside, romance author Corrine Carson is captured by a gorgeous seven foot tall, red-headed warrior who’s seriously angry with her. He takes her to his home in a mythical land, one that shouldn’t exist anywhere outside Corrine’s mind and the studio that’s turning her books into movies. She’s tortured this poor man time and again (in her books, that is), but once she lets herself realize that this magical world and Mykhayl are actually real, she feels horrible over what she’s done.

High King Mykhayl wants revenge, and he paid a sorcerer dearly for the magic to take him and his friend Jarred to Earth, so they could seek revenge on the women who have tormented them.

Corrine and Mykhayl are awesome characters. He’s tormented over his past and unable to move on, but determined to do so for the sake of his people. Though he has a hundred concubines at his command, he only wants Corrine even though he doesn’t trust her. Corrine wants to make amends for what she’s done and sleeping with Mykhayl is definitely not a chore.

Though I liked the book, some of the descriptive rituals and long, multiple sex scenes slowed the pacing. I loved both the formal and snappy dialogue, the world building, and the slew of secondary characters, especially Kyhber, the Imperial Dragon.

4 Stars

In “Bound by the Dream” by Angela Knight, sci/fi author Celeste Carson finds herself in another universe, a few hundred years into the future. The space captain/government agent she created is sinfully dark, hot, and erotic, a total dominant, and he’s holding her captive on his spaceship, vowing revenge for the death of his best friend and all the torture he’s endured.

Jarred Varrain has dreamed of revenge for years, but he cannot hurt a woman. He will, however, pleasure her to the point of pain and make her beg for release. He never expected to actually like and respect the courageous woman he’s tying up, but he’s determined to rid himself of the obsession he harbors for her by any means necessary, and then discard her.

WOW! What a story! I loved it! Jarred is definitely a tormented hero with a sadistic side, but Celeste is drawing out the honorable man inside him. She’s strong and capable and often stands up to and teases the overbearing man. They have great chemistry, both in and out of the bedroom.

Though there’s not a large cast of secondary characters, Jarred’s friend De’Lar is completely yummy. I love the world building. Most of the H/h’s time is spent on Jarred’s ship, but the sensory detail kept me interested and didn’t feel like padding. The sex scenes are awesome and very kinky with a BDSM edge, and though there were several of them, none felt repetitive. Each scene seemed to progress the H/h budding romance and drew them closer together.

5 Stars

Overall Book – 4.5 Stars

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