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#BookReview – “Time Signature” by Rick Ellrod


Celtic fiddler Trina Kellander is excited to play at a local festival in Willow Springs, Vermont. While settling into her room at the Deerbourne Inn, she admires an old painting of a handsome kilted Scot. Then a man who looks exactly like the artwork turns up at a jam session to play with her.

Trina is smitten with the charming, old-fashioned Malcolm Blaine and he with her. She has never fallen so hard before. After her concert, he wants her to leave with him. But Malcolm is oddly mysterious about aspects of his life. And how is he connected with the picture in Trina’s room?


In this Deerbourne Inn series novella, Celtic folk violinist and sci-fi lover Trina Kellander is visiting Willow Springs to see her friend Ruby and to perform in a music show. There she meets a handsome man at the local inn. Their connection is instant, but there’s something different about him that she can’t quite put her finger on.

Malcolm Blaine is definitely hiding something, but he’s smitten with Trina and adores her music. Will they find a way to overcome his secret, or is it exactly what she longs for?

Great story! I read an advanced copy and enjoyed it, especially the twist at the end.

Trina and Mal are interesting characters. I loved all the science fiction and movie references, but I didn’t get them all. I’m familiar with time travel stories—it’s one of my fav subgenres—so I wasn’t lost when that section was explained.

For lovers of romance with a dash of sci-fi, check out this book. I’m happy I read it.

4 Stars